Shhhhh… Sneak A Peek At Jackson’s Top 5 Secret Dallas Destinations

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Hello again, beautiful readers of DFW Style Daily. I’m back with more insider tips to whisper in your ears. Shall we begin?

Let’s start by pointing out something that we have in common. Besides our impeccable taste and our collective sense of style, we all love Dallas. Right? Our city boasts amazing food, delicious drinks, and fabulous shopping. But, one of the things we love most about Big D is that, around ever corner, you can find…



Catch my drift? That’s where I come in. Over the past few weeks, I shared with you some haute hot spots and ideas for romantic rendezvous. Today, you’re gonna get just a little bit cooler with another one of my killer lists.

The following Dallas destinations float under the radar of the average city dweller; these are my secret spots that may have slipped right past you on the road to somewhere else. Take note, mark your calendars, and prepare to experience some of Big D’s best kept secrets.



1. All Dance, No Drama

Do you like to dance?

No, I don’t mean getting all dolled up and standing against the wall. And I certainly don’t mean stalking around some club in your Sunday best, trolling for hotties. I mean, do you like to dance?

If so, your prayers have been answered by the Party Master herself, Brooke Humphries. From the woman who brought us Mud Smith, The Beauty Bar, and Barcadia, comes the It’ll Do Club (4322 Elm Street, Dallas). Open only on Saturdays from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., all you’ll need is $30 to connect to your inner badass dance side.

Ten bucks gets you in; the other $20 will purchase some very nice (below market price) drinks. After that, the only rule for It’ll do Club is that you are here to dance. It won’t take long for you to understand why there is no need for tables, bottle service, or anything else, to get in your way.



2. Just Add Lips

Across the street from acclaimed Bolsa Restaurant in Oak Cliff sits a takeout-only eatery that predates the Bishop Arts District boom. Hungry?

If you’ve ever spotted long lines wrapped around the little shack that holds Taqueria El Si Hay (601 W. Davis Street, Dallas), I’ll tell you why: tacos. But not just any tacos. The transcendent tacos here are fresh, cheap, and packed with meat. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, this place will have you singing praises to the taco Gods.

Depending on your mood, my top picks from El Si Hay include the fajita beef tacos and house-made chorizo tacos. But, no matter what you choose, you can’t lose. Make a note, though, that this secret spot only accepts cash, one $1.42 taste of taco heaven at a time.



3. Take A Seat (Or Two Or Three…)

The sign out front reads, Everything Must Go! Inside, you’ll find a dive fit for deal-seekers like me who have both style and imagination.

Each week, the aforementioned exclamation draws me into the thrift store at the corner of Ross Avenue and Peak Street in East Dallas. So, the place looks like it could be condemned tomorrow (or maybe even while you’re shopping), but the treasure hunt is more than worth it. We’re talking daily shipments of tables, chairs, sofas, dinettes, consoles, and more. Take your Ikea budget here, and score a piece with personality-plus at a very nice price.

Before you go, be prepared to make an offer if you fall in love at first sight. Next, if you’re so inclined, take your find next door to Holloway’s Custom Upholstery (4221 Ross Avenue, Dallas) for a mini-makeover. You’ll be in good company at the expert spot, among many top local designers, and who’s to guess that your special something isn’t a family heirloom?


4. Divine, On A Dime 

The ladies who already know about this insider find are really gonna hate me for sharing the secret. Those who don’t, will love me for it. What can I say? I’m just a love/hate kind of guy.

Step into Uptown Consignment (4152 Cole Avenue, Dallas), and behold the place where many of Dallas’ top shoppers purge their coveted closets. Their desire to make room for more gorgeous goodies is your gain, in the form of designer dresses, separates, and accessories galore.

From lovely Louboutins, in close to perfect condition, to ‘it bags’ by fashion’s most collectible names, Uptown Consignment receives new items each day. Sure, the web site will give you a little taste of their treasures, but take a cue from me, and just go. Your next envy-inducing outfit awaits.



5.  Now, That’s Refreshing

Lastly, I love all the changes happening on Greenville Avenue, but I also have a place in my heart for an old school watering hole that’s holding its own.

Slide into Ships Lounge (1613 Greenville Avenue, Dallas), and first and foremost, respect the regulars. Why? You’ll soon become one. This dive’s die-hard fans return again and again, owing to the fascinating crowd and the nicest wait staff in town. Also key is the fact that only beer and wine are served; liquor is on a bring-your-own basis. Bring in your own bottle, and for a small fee, you’ll be set up with everything you need for your perfect cocktail.

As you plan your visit, keep in mind that Ships is cash only. This spot also adheres to a strictly no swearing policy. Hey, just ‘cause it’s a dive, doesn’t mean it’s not a little classy.


Jackson is the President of FLUENT, a premier luxury lifestyle management company based in Dallas. As the past Corporate Concierge for Barneys New York, Jackson is recognized as one of the most respected concierges in all of Dallas. From the social and cultural scenes, to dining and entertainment, this Dallasite truly has a finger on the pulse of his city. For more on Jackson, visit our Contributors Page. Jackson headshot, credit Danny Campbell.


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