Stellé Audio Sounds Off In Tune with Fashion-Forward Audio Design

  The fashion meets tech boom is not trending or the "it" thing – it’s a revolution. Just last December, we reported astounding numbers accounting for the rapid progression in the fashion tech industry, citing astronomical growth in sales to the tune of 112 million products sold by 2018. As more attention is carved out for this essential market, many innovators like the husband and wife duo of the award-winning Stellé Audio business, Anna Perelman and Wayne Lulum, recognize that fashion technology is the wave of the future. Most importantly, technology while complex, must create a simple marriage between form, function, and design aesthetic to be successful across all retail platforms -- thus the company's motto to produce "the perfect union of sound and style."  

  Stellé Audio leads the pack in the audio industry for its Bluetooth compatible and wireless products -- making home décor more modern and sleek, and an ordinary walk in the park über stylish. Founded in 2012, Stellé Audio’s innovative yet elegant designs has captured the attention of industry leaders, and is now one of the premiere brands for what some are coining as “fashion audio.” Recently, Stellé partnered with Neiman Marcus to introduce an exclusive collection of its award-winning Audio Pillars in two new natural wood finishes for the design savvy consumer. Featuring a “sleek cylindrical design and premium sound”, the Stellé Audio Pillars ($299) blend effortlessly with any home décor and stands as the new tech toy for one valuing both quality sound and artistic appeal. After reports surfaced of women spending considerably more than men in consumer electronics, Stellé capitalized quickly to develop products that reflect this fashion meets function lifestyle.  

  “We launched the Audio Pillars in 2013 with a range of colors to complement any style,” notes Anna Perelman, CEO of Stellé Audio. “Consumers, designers and hotels have embraced the Audio Pillar for its technology and design-driven aesthetic, and requested additional colors. [We] wanted to tap into new trends but also add classic finishes that will stand the test of time. I am thrilled to [now] be launching these two finishes exclusively with Neiman Marcus.” Aside from just home furnishings, Stellé breaks the mold once again by tapping into yet another covetable market with its collection of lightweight mini Bluetooth compatible clutches. With literal access to audio right within the palm of one's hands, the Stellé Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker is a creative spin to the modern day boombox. Making its first appearance at the Rebecca Minkoff New York Fashion Week presentation in 2012, Stellé continues to craft its Mini-Clutch speaker to meet the growing needs of the style conscious woman.  

  Available in three designs – the Dazzling Diamond, Metallic Purple, and Blue Love (pictured above - $149) – our bet holds heavy that this ultimate conversation accessory is one for the fashion books. Touting all of the functionality of an ordinary clutch, the Stellé Mini-Clutch features an interior mirror, removable chain link strap, and an interchangeable wrist bangle for unique personalization. Connecting simply to Bluetooth, the gal on-the-go can now listen to her favorite tunes, all the while chatting hands-free via the built-in speakerphone and mic. This elegantly disguised tech device marks the making of a powerful player within current wearable technology devices. “The Mini-Clutch speaker is designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious female who wants all her essentials in one place while enjoying her favorite music or chatting with friends,” says Perelman. “In this market, we know women are adopting technology devices at a faster rate than men, yet the technology industry is still lagging in keeping up with the modern woman. Our company caters to fashionable females by putting design and aesthetics first, and then integrating the highest quality audio technology through smart engineering. This is absolutely key in creating truly wearable technology.”   The Stellé Audio speakers are exclusively available at Neiman Marcus in-store, specifically Neiman Marcus at North Park Center and online. The Stellé Audio Mini-Clutch is available online at Images used courtesy of Stellé Audio.    

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