Makeup Pro Terri Tomlinson Teaches Camera-Ready Tricks With A Personal Touch


“Every face has something beautiful about it, and makeup should enhance what that something is.” – Terri Tomlinson


  Friendly. Warm. Supportive. Encouraging. These words aren’t always associated with professional makeup artists, but maybe they should be. DFW Style Daily’s latest insider Metroplex find is a makeup artist with decades of high profile experience, and a down-to-earth attitude that leaves every client feeling like a star.  

  Inside the brand-new Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy in Addison, a row of neat stations are each professionally lighted and equipped with essential tools. Just like those you’d find behind doors marked with stars on Hollywood sound stages, the set-ups are suited for celebs, by design. On a Saturday afternoon earlier this month, they awaited Tomlinson’s latest class of eager students.  

  “We’re starting to learn how to adapt techniques that used to be just for ‘on camera’ for the everyday,” details the makeup pro. No stranger to camera-ready makeup, Tomlinson’s 20 years of industry experience include work for broadcast television via CNN and The Style Network, plus sports stars, models (hello, Chrissy Teigen!), major magazines, and more. Making Tomlinson’s point, the camera-ready culture of today’s world has sparked a boom in interest in professional makeup instruction. From around every mall corner, it seems, springs another caped – or apron’d – crusader, eager to demo the latest trend. Not to mention, YouTube births another makeup vlogging sensation every other day. But not all instructors are created equal. As Tomlinson’s class files in, the first of many advantages to her style is noted. She greets each client by name or introduction, and makes sure all are seated and comfortable at their individual stations. Wine is offered, or espresso, brewed with care by the proprietress herself and served in china demitasse cups. Talk about star treatment. Each student is then presented with a silver palette and fresh set of brushes, as well as a take-home study sheet to mark along the way. Class then begins, focused on contouring techniques, a hot button phrase in makeup right now. A wide range of topics are covered in Tomlinson’s class schedule, or a focus may be customized to a client’s interests and needs.  

  “Good job. ...Great work,” the teacher notes, going over each product, each technique, before instructing the class to follow her lead on their own. Mixing a custom foundation color here, blending a shadow there, Tomlinson utilizes her own professional product line, as well as a few select international brands. She doesn’t push product sales, however, which is another welcome change of pace. Like gifts with purchase, Tomlinson also injects invaluable insider tips and answers questions throughout each class. How much to spend on a good set of brushes? How much powder is too much? What the heck is that funny green concealer for? As the students’ complete looks come together, self-esteem is boosted with each new strategy. When a student expresses apprehension about venturing outside her comfort zone with a new lip shade, Tomlinson’s response becomes a class mantra. She declares, “You can wear any color you want, as long as you wear it with confidence!”  

  Indeed, at the end of the day, it’s all about empowerment for Tomlinson. No judgments and a strict “no stupid questions” attitude are the ideal ice-breakers to achieve the goal. “My students and I get to have a lot of fun,” concludes this innovative instructor. “We unlock the mystery of makeup, gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, and build confidence together.”  

  The Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy is located at 15713 Quorum Drive in Addison. Group classes for up to six students ring in at just $40 per person. Individual makeup instruction and application and professional training are also offered. Visit or call 1.800.531.5092 for more information.   All images, credit Jessica Adkins/Aravaggio Photography for DFW Style Daily.  

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