Foremost Debuts Innovative Clothing Brand & Social Concept February 11

  The pioneering team that powers Dallas-based men’s retailer Need is always one fashionable foot ahead of the competition. From the inside out, this innovative collective of business-savvy entrepreneurs seem to continuously have "the next best thing" figured out. From last year's launch of a successful retail platform, to its newest venture partnering with luxury travel service Rise – the brains and thinking behind Need continue to push the envelope for more out-of-the-box endeavors in interacting with the consumer. Just shy of its sky-high announcement detailing a luxury partnership with Rise, comes the launch of a small-batch, American-made clothing line for both men and women under the name of Foremost. Officially launching its first debut collection tomorrow at 11 a.m., this socially savvy platform will compile four specially curated apparel items per gender at an average price that falls beneath $50 – marking this as one of the more affordable and wallet-friendly brands for the fashion-conscious young man and woman.  

  As differentiation is key, Foremost introduces an even more unique concept, by pairing the monthly wardrobe selections with a bi-monthly interview series that features prominent influencers from all over the world. Focusing on actors and actresses, designers, and leading business individuals, this innovative interview setting will unravel the stories most untold by these change-makers, further unveiling the genesis of their careers and providing sources of inspiration for the young Foremost audience. “We’re bringing the exclusivity, narrative, and design of Need to a younger market,” states Matt Alexander, founder and CEO of both Need and Foremost. “So many people have come to accept low quality products made in appalling conditions abroad. It’s something that we believe we can rectify, all the while sharing some remarkable stories about some equally remarkable people.”  

  Designed completely in-house and manufactured right here in the Big D, Foremost prides itself on delivering ultra-exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and numbered products for each month’s outfit selection. Taking a bite from the successful business model of Need, Foremost will only release one outfit per month for each gender, thereby dictating what is most relevant in style and extracting unnecessary wardrobe variables that are determined to be insignificant. Affordable. Exclusive. Stylish. Where do we sign up? For those itching for early access, visit to get the first initial looks at this innovative brand. The official launch will hit tomorrow and we have a feeling that this will be yet another groundbreaking venture for the folks over at Need, first and foremost.   All images used courtesy of Foremost.    

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