Flower Road Fulfills Fantasies with a Valentine’s Day Aromatic Experience

  Searching for a gift for Valentine’s Day that's guaranteed to awaken the senses? As one of Dallas’ leading aromatherapists, Michelle Bardwell proves that there’s more than just love in the air this Valentine’s Day season. With an exclusive selection of the finest in essential oils, it’s more of an aromatic scentsation.  

  As the Founder and President of Dallas-based Flower Road, Bardwell has traveled the world, gathering extensive training and experiences in Clinical Aromatherapy, ultimately designating her as one of the preeminent aromatherapists in not just Dallas, but the world. With over 10 years of prestigious training and mentorship in southern France by globally renowned Naturapathic and Aromatologist Dr. Patrick Collin, Bardwell boasts more than just a deep understanding for the realm of wellness and essential oils – she exudes passion. Desiring to explore the world of perfumery, Bardwell expanded her European instruction by training under master perfumer Mic Moisseeff based outside of Toulouse. The combination of her mastery in plant materials with a natural knack for perfumery, has now resulted in the creation of the popular, yet oh so essential Smart Boxes collection – a carefully crafted essential oil compilation sold straight from Flower Road.  

  This is where the great Valentine’s Day gift comes in. We encourage you to think outside the box -- the Flower Road Smart Box that is, by purchasing the Love Me set from this expertly curated essential oil collection. Get ready to send both you and your loved one’s sensories into overdrive with this elite collection of five oils in Magnolia, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Ylang Ylang scents. Designated as natural aphrodesiacs, the single-use or blend of these scents will enhance romance and pique the senses the au naturale way. Each grade of essential oil is purely organic with no additions of synthetics or preservatives, marking the Love Me collection as not only the highest in overall quality, but incomparable to any other essential oil offerings in the state of Texas.  

  What’s Valentine’s Day without a little fun? To completely make the most out of your Love Me purchase, we suggest playfully mixing these essential oils to your hearts content. With just a dab here and a rub there, a little will go a long way during your daytime Valentine’s Day excursion, and will pay off even greater for nighttime play. The DFW Style Daily favorite is Vetiver – a knockout aroma that will truly turn up the heat, but only for the passionately adventurous. At ($96) the Love Me Smart Box set is a steal, and on Valentine’s Day this one-of-a-kind set will be discounted at 25% off! Trust us, you will earn major points with that special someone for this not-so-ordinary, out of the box, fun, and tantalizing Valentine’s Day gift.   For more information, visit the Flower Road website or drop by the business location. Flower Road is located inside the State Farm Building at 5232 Forest Lane, Suite 112, in Dallas. Come right in, a unique experience awaits you! To visit with Michelle Bardwell, drop by the Flower Road location on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. or by appointment. “Flower Road Natural Therapies offers products, services and accredited classes with a naturopathic philosophy recognizing the beauty and importance of all cultures and spiritual beliefs. Through consultations and holistic therapies, the goal and philosophy is to help the individual recognize themselves in order for them to make the best choices to live a balanced life.”    

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