Get Ready for Impact: Dallas Designer Gege Gilzene Takes Designing to the Extreme

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It was once said by ex-Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson that, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” While a simple theory at best, many struggle to truly grasp the notion, often falling captive to conventional and ordinary means of living. For 15-year veteran designer Gege Gilzene (pictured below), pushing the bounds in the fashion industry is all but child’s play, and having “that little extra” is embedded not only deep within, but in every piece of clothing he designs.



We first spotted this emerging talent via social media – filling our feed with beautifully draped maxi skirts, bright and daring pattern blends, and a wealth of celebrity followings to leave us curious for more. While some think he flies safely under the radar, those of us clued in know that Gege Gilzene and his G3 Concepts label has all of the makings to be a breakout brand. From meager beginnings to now humble living, read on to see why this Dallas-based designer is bursting at the seam and under our close eye as the one to watch.


DFW Style Daily: You’re a veteran designer now based out of Dallas. How did you get your start as a designer?

Gege Gilzene: “I was raised in four different countries, however I got my start by watching my aunt [design] and by assembling pieces of newspaper into designs.”


Many designers tend to play it safe and shy away from the bold pops of color and dramatic prints that regularly appear in your collections. What inspires you to take these risks?

“I tend to like the idea of ‘the element of surprise.’ I was told once that every outfit must have a conversation piece, or better yet, have the potential to strike up a conversation or make a statement.”



What differentiates a G3 Concepts creation from what other local and national brands are offering?

“Most of my fellow designers tend to design for a culture or a specific demographic. G3 Concepts is a brand for all people regardless of their race, color, or religion. Still yet, when it’s all said and done, you often find that you can only design for a certain kind of woman, a certain kind of man, or a certain kind of person. The challenge is completing the concept.”


While you claim to be a self-professed Pinterest addict and love to “people watch” for sport, what is one interesting thing about your personality that people may not know about you?

“Despite my being perceived as a social butterfly or the life of the party, I am really a homebody and a very private and confidential person.”



What all are you looking forward to in 2015 and what can we expect from you in the future?

“I’m always looking for growth, the next concept, and the next innovative spin. As for the future, I’m looking forward to being a huge part of an impact [movement.] I don’t design to service my current surroundings. My goal is to reach people globally and to expand my client base all over the world.”


All images used courtesy of the designer



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