New Update: Mercedes Benz Pulls from Fashion Week, New Location Announced

  Just last month, we shared details revealing the uncertainty of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, as it came straight from leading sources that the Lincoln Center will no longer house the week-long parade of designer shows. Via WWD came the announcement, just fresh off the Court ruling that IMG Fashion (Fashion Week producer and marketer) along with its affiliates, were to vacate the Lincoln Center immediately following the February 2015 run of shows:

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Not long after our issuance of this most recent report, wind made its way again that in addition to the Lincoln Center eviction, long-time title sponsor Mercedes Benz, will now bid adieu to sponsoring the iconic event -- sparking a small but significant name change for the week-long extravaganza. As reported by Refinery 29 and confirmed by WWD, it is now for certain that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will drop the "Mercedes Benz" portion of its name, and will generally be referred to as New York Fashion Week from here on further. While this marks a weighty change to the Fashion Week forum, a spokesperson for Mercedes Benz tells WWD, "Our relationship with fashion is not ending, and we do support fashion globally," thus inferring that other supported fashion weeks in Sydney and Berlin, amongst others, will still fall under the longstanding sponsorship.  

  On January 5, 2015, WWD confirmed that despite fears of uncertainty, Fashion Week will move from the Lincoln Center to "a new undisclosed downtown location." This move however, will not be the previously predicted Culture Shed space in Hudson Yards -- as ongoing construction renovations will not reach completion until 2017, or 2018 at the latest. While a slight sigh of relief can be exhaled for leads on the location front, reports remain silent as to whether a new title sponsor is being sought or otherwise locked in to replace Mercedes Benz.  

  Amongst the hurricane of changes for Fashion Week, IMG has allegedly moved forward to acquire MADE Fashion Week, which began its stint in 2009 and is often referred to as New York Fashion Week's rival organization. Widely known for its smaller, more intimate run of shows featuring the likes of Jeremy Scott and Public School, this acquisition (once confirmed) will appeal to the industry's recent claims for more personalized and smaller venues, without the rowdiness of what the Lincoln Center deemed to have attracted. With so many ongoing changes and shocking exits, we can hardly keep up. While change is often good, following the February 2015 run of shows, things will never be the same. As the ongoing power struggle continues, we predict an even deeper divide between what was, and what is to come between indie designers, IMG Fashion, MADE, and the CFDA. For now, we will keep you updated on the latest with all of the Fashion Week drama and more details as they develop.      

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