Move It, Shake It: 3 Texas-Based ActiveWear Brands You Need to Know

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From office party spreads to large family gatherings, the holidays usher in merriment with tasty cocktails, delectable desserts, and sugary confections galore. By the start of the New Year, calorie counts are high and time spent at the gym is low. While the motto rings true to “eat, drink, and be merry” during these times, most would rather not think about the unpleasant aftermath of what the holidays truly bring — unwanted weight gain and relaxed eating habits that need to be reined back under control.

Here to make your post-holidays trek back to the gym a little sweeter, are three Texas-based activewear brands that are sure to get your heart pumping. So throw away your leotard, ditch your leg warmers, and get your body back moving with these new modern lifestyle brands — your hips and thighs will thank us!



Warrior Elements

When it comes to health and fitness, Gail Warrior knows best. Recognized as one of Dallas’ leading entrepreneurs and a celebrated advocate for healthy living, Warrior has channeled her affinity for fashion and fitness by launching her very own luxury activewear brand, Warrior Elements. Just recently released in November, Warrior Elements is designed for the woman on the go, with a multitude of styles and fits to accommodate a vast range of ages, sizes, and most importantly, lifestyles.

“I started Warrior Elements because it combines everything I love,” Warrior tells DFW Style Daily. “I believe every woman has an ‘inner warrior’ pushing to get out. Warrior Elements exists to show women that they can have a successful and busy career and still have time to eat healthy, work out, and if they have a family – help with the homework and spend time with the kids/spouse.”

With the release of two collections under her belt, Fire and Water, the completion of the entire Warrior Elements line is scheduled for January 2015 with the addition of both the Earth and Wind collections – making this first compilation a dedication to the natural elements. Boasting an explosion of vibrant colors and unique pattern schemes, the Warrior Elements collection is designed for the gym, but multi-purposed for a casual outing. Available online at



Define Your Inspiration (“DYI”)

Highly praised as a brand that effortlessly transitions from the gym to the streets, DYI hit the Dallas scene this month looking to inspire and motivate women into active, but stylish movement. With its unique introduction of fashion-forward yet functional apparel, DYI prides itself on providing “the perfect fusion of fashion, performance, comfort, and function.” From mesh-infused leggings and tops, to inspirational worded sweatshirts, DYI will not only make you look good from the outside, but spark intrinsic motivation as well. Available online at and in store at Luke’s Locker Plano and Bask Boutique in Snider Plaza.



Outdoor Voices

Currently at VOD, Stanley Korshak, and Luke’ s Locker, Outdoor Voices is another new active and lifestyle brand to recently hit the block. Available in both men and women’s selections, this Austin-based label proves that an active lifestyle is far from the mundane. With designs ranging from modern to minimal, Outdoor Voices solidifies its claim to fame by creating stylish urban pieces for high impact or even moreso, moderate activity. Celebrating its first storefront opening in Austin this year, Outdoor Voices is yet another label looking to make headway into the Dallas market. Available online at and select retailers as mentioned above.


Images via brands and retailers.



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