fM Fashion Music Pops Up to Rock at Deep Ellum’s Unbranded December 10 – 13

  For Velyna Morales and Jill Lynch (pictured below), music and art incite more than passion -- it’s a way of life. Combining Morales’ expertise in fashion with Lynch’s enthusiasm for music, the tag team duo developed a creative online shopping experience that – quite literally – rocks. Celebrating a mash-up of their two loves, fM Fashion Music now invades the scene to singularly redefine the term of what we know as “wearable art.”  

  “Fashion and music influence one another,” says Velyna Morales, Founder and CEO of fM Fashion Music. “When we add the power of the internet we are able to create something that was possible to conceive of even a few years ago. Musicians and visual artists create powerful, lasting connections with their fans, and we want to leverage this power to create a shopping experience online in such a way that will revolutionize e-commerce.” Undeniably, the collision of fashion and music is a powerful force. Recognizably known as two of the world’s most influential change agents, both art forms mold the way we think, live, and most importantly, how we shop. Tapping into this potential, fM Fashion Music collaborated with some of the best visual artists in the world to revolutionize one of the “pivotal apparel items connecting fashion and music” – the band tee.  

  From indie pop to rock to retro, fM Fashion Music’s ART wear collection is not your average band tee. While specially curated by a team of experts and focused on overall comfortability, both men and women’s tees bode powerful self-expression through a display of words, paintings, or contemporary art. While the current collection features collaborations from both music and visual artists from Austin, New York City, and Berlin, fM has recently teamed up with Dallas-based acoustic band Whiskey Pants to curate a capsule collection of ART wear tees debuting in early 2015. Inspired overall by the dynamics of the band’s spirit and notably by one songwriter’s re-dedication to music after cancer, the Whiskey Pants collection for fM is one reflective of the band's artistry but also a collection that dives deeper in meaning.  

  Currently, fM Fashion Music is on the hunt for more expansion and connection opportunities with Dallas-based artists and will set up shop at Deep Ellum’s Unbranded from December 10 – 13. Revealing the latest in their line of ART wear graphic tees, the fM Fashion Music crew will mix and mingle with guests while soaking in some Dallas inspiration for their latest round of pop-up shop adventures. For more information on location and times for fM Fashion Music's pop-up at Unbranded, visit   Images via fM Fashion Music.    

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