Smells Like School Spirit: Masik Collegiate Fragrances Bottle ‘The Good Life’



Imagine bottling all of your college memories into one signature fragrance — what would be the scent? With a dash of school spirit and a sprinkling of campus tradition, the Masik Collegiate Fragrance Collection is taking it back to the classroom, one campus-inspired scent at a time. While the idea may seem a tad far-fetched and even more so uncanny, His and Her scents for big name universities like Texas A&M and University of Texas are turning out to be one of this season’s biggest hits.



Originally launched in 2008, Masik Collegiate Fragrances planted its roots by developing signature scent-spirations for just a few schools in the South. With a recent Fall launch of 17 additional fragrances, this unique twist to wearing (or smelling) school pride is growing by the numbers. Area rivals Texas A&M and the University of Texas both have official fragrances, and will now battle it out for more than just NCAA bragging rights. As these two continue to go head to head, curious minds really want to know which one of these Texas opponents will take home the “W” in a match-up smell test.

Conceptually speaking, building the school’s signature fragrance is nothing more than a team effort–organically involving heavy input from student, alumni, faculty, and staff from the onset. To appeal to the group, Masik perfumers draw inspiration from elements such as school colors, location, student style, tradition, campus flowers, and trees to create the scent most representative of the school. Following a course of smell sessions and on-campus voting, the official school scent is birthed.



“People, myself included, are uniquely passionate about their Alma Maters, and about the college/university in their community,” CEO Katie Masik (pictured above) explains. “My hope is that these official scents will remind people of the past – long after days on campus come to an end, alumni and fans can smell that special scent and be reminded of that special time – the campus, the sporting events, the traditions and most of all, the memories. I believe your school’s signature scent is the perfect gift for the student, alumni, or fan in your life.”

Affordably priced at $39.50, both Texas A&M and University of Texas fragrances are available at Belk Galleria Dallas and online at Belk.comFor a complete listing of participating colleges and universities, visit For local availability, call Charmaine Marshall at Belk, at 972-239-5411, ext. 293.


Images via Masik Collegiate Fragances.