Double R Boutique Hits the Plaza at Preston Center, Fashions the Perfect Fit for Her

Nothing screams luxury more than an outpouring of tailor made garments -- ones that are specifically fashioned with a unique individual in mind. As the needs for consumers and their wardrobes continue to evolve, the unattainable status associated with custom-made clothing is but a thing of the past, and is now an affordable necessity for the future. For the newly opened Double R Boutique, custom is made simple as women of all ages are invited to drop in, put on a designer’s hat, and revamp their closets one personalized shirt or dress at a time.

Originally founded in 2013 by husband and wife duo Ravi and Jen Ratan, Double R began operations solely through its e-commerce site and intimate showroom experiences. Capitalizing on the success and growing popularity of its brand, Double R opened its doors at the Plaza at Preston Center on November 19, making this the first ever store front property for the history of the label. Now nestled around the corner from True Food Kitchen and neighboring the space that was once occupied by Aftershock London, the modern boutique has already welcomed a wave of support by local residents and area businesses. “We are thrilled to be a part of the community of the Plaza at Preston Center,” Jen Ratan, co-founder of Double R tells DFW Style Daily. “It is truly the best area for women to shop and eat. Double R feels like a woman’s dream closet where she can come in, have some champagne, and design the perfect button down shirt, dress or blazer.”  

  Splashes of grey and pops of coral now decorate the interior of the 600 square foot space that houses the family-owned and operated brand. With an overarching focus for lounge appeal, both Ravi and Jen Ratan deliver a comfortable space for customers to walk in and implement the design process from the bottom up. For the woman who craves impeccable design and quality, the possibilities are endless as Double R offers over 100 fabric and pattern choices, a wide array of color schemes, custom stitching, and unique button detail for all of its made-to-order pieces. Through its easy four-step measurement process, the ideal shirt or dress is only a snip and a cut away. From classic button downs to shirt-dresses and tunics, Double R is pioneering a new world of custom clothing for women. Whether it is a relaxed or tailored cut, every woman from the working professional to the stay at home mom are finding that Double R is not only an affordable luxury, but also the perfect fit. For more information on Double R and its products, visit   All images courtesy of Double R Boutique.    

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