Colleyville Native Kait Ri Opens Up on Modeling, Marriage & Her Ministry


“I believe that true beauty radiates from the inside.” – Kait Ri


  Welcome to Face Time. DFW Style Daily’s exclusive series goes beyond the runways to get to know top Dallas models on a personal level. Why? Boasting top tier agencies, producers, and retailers, the Dallas market is emerging as a fashion force on the national scene. And, as our interviews with Carlotta LennoxMyles CrosbyDaniel CrouchSirisha ReddyAtti WorkuTracy Ripsin, and many more prove, Dallas-based models are among the most fascinating and accomplished in the country. Today, as we look ahead to a bright new year, we feature a beauty both intelligent and insightful. Read on for Kait Ri’s perspectives on modeling, marriage, ministry, and overcoming insecurities. Plus, this North Texas native will share her perfect ‘go anywhere, do anything’ day in Big D. Read on for the scoop:  

  Name: Kait Ri Hometown: Colleyville, TX Agency: The Campbell Agency Notable Clients: Stanley Korshak, D Magazine, Southern Weddings Magazine, Dillard’s, Foot Locker, Earthbound Trading Co., JCPenney, Amazon, Neiman Marcus   DFW Style Daily: What age did you start modeling? Were you scouted or did you pursue modeling as a career? Kait Ri: “I was 18 years old. A friend of mine was trying to convince me to get into modeling, but I was such a tomboy, that the thought of having my picture taken terrified me. So, I ignored her for a good year. I finally gave in, though, and went to an open casting call, and I was signed that day!”   Do you recall a favorite, unusual, or particularly memorable assignment?  “I would say [it was particularly memorable] when I signed with an agency in Milan. When I was living over there, I grew in a very big way - not just in my career, but personally, as well. [I remember] the people, the lifestyle, the endless castings, the fashion, and best of all, the incredible art around every corner. The ancient buildings, sculptures, and paintings were life changing. It was a very real experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.”  

  Are there any deal breakers for you when it comes to modeling? “Yes, absolutely, I have a few deal breakers. They all stem from me feeling uncomfortable. If I don't feel comfortable with something, someone, or a situation, I've learned to say something - as I hope we all do!”   Do you ever feel insecure? If so, how do you work through it? “Whether you're in the modeling industry, or you're a stay at home mother, we all face insecurities. No one is exempt. Whenever I start feeling insecure, I normally have some quality time with my husband, and most importantly, I spend time in prayer. Knowing who I am in God has carried me through it all.”  

  Would you ever consider plastic surgery? Why or why not? “People are beautiful, with or without plastic surgery. However, it's not something I would consider. I'm a huge natural, organic freak. I believe that we can look our very best by treating our bodies with kindness, and without having to alter anything. Plus, no one is perfect - whatever that means - and I believe that true beauty radiates from the inside.”   Do you have a personal role model? What have you learned from his or her example? “Yes - my husband, Brad. He marches to his own beat, no matter what. When he walks into a room, people are naturally pulled to his light. He takes care of everyone's needs, no matter how busy he might be. He helps me to slow down, breathe, and just laugh. He constantly reminds me how good life really is, and how blessed we really are. Love you, sweets!”  

  Do you have any hidden talents or interests? “Actually, I'm a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I'm little, but don't let that fool you!”   What was the last book you read that made an impact on you? “I'm raving over the book Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof. If you are a woman, actually, or if you are a human, this book will rock your world. It is focused on women's social issues and rights, worldwide. You will finish the book full of compassion, and ready to change the world, one heart at a time.”  

  Describe your perfect ‘go anywhere, do anything’ day in Dallas. “I would start out at King Spa, because that's what I imagine heaven to be like. After that, I’d stop at the Genesis Women’s Shelter Thrift Store, and maybe find a treasure. Starbucks is right next door, so perfect! Then, I would definitely end the night at Mockingbird Station with pizza and a movie at the Angelika Film Center!”   Lastly, as we look ahead to a brand new year, do you have any wishes or goals for yourself and your family in 2015? “I have a Christian ministry called ThirtyOneMinistries, and I would love to see it reach more people and transform more lives. Also, I'm in the process of planting a garden, and becoming more sustainable and ‘green.’ And, of course, [I will] make clear boundaries and time for the things that matter in life - my faith, my husband, family, friends, and rest.”   All images courtesy of Kait Ri.    

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