Dallas Midtown to Revitalize Valley View Area, $3 Billion Plans for 2015 Revealed

  Without a doubt, traffic leading into the Galleria area has been an ongoing nuisance for many years. With the constant revitalization of what was formerly known as Valley View Center, many inquiring minds are curious to know just what will become of the once popular and fully occupied space. Purchased in 2012 by Beck Ventures, plans have been continuously underway for the revival of the dilapidated area, with the reintroduction of what is being referred to as “Dallas Midtown” being met with growing anticipation. After a year of arduous planning with the City of Dallas, the $3 billion plans for the 70-acre, mixed-used development site has recently been revealed. From interactive water features to even more boutique shopping, Dallas Midtown promises to be one of the ultimate economic boosters for the City of Dallas come 2015.  

  Phase one of the project will roll out in the Spring of 2015 with the introduction of AMC’s state-of-the-art, 16 screen cinema complex. “This development will create a city within a city,” says Linda Koop from Dallas City Council. “With restaurants, shopping, housing and office space, Dallas Midtown will completely redefine this part of Dallas.” Harboring the neighborhood at the Northwest corner of Preston Road and 635, the mixed-use development site is projected to dedicate over 285,000 square feet of space to retail, with even more plans for bike trails, luxury condos, and even gondolas that connect the entertainment complex to its neighboring Galleria.  

  “When visitors come to Dallas Midtown, they won’t want to leave. All of the pieces fit together like a hand and glove,” claims Jeffrey Beck, Managing Partner of Beck Ventures. “We have focused on every detail to ensure Dallas Midtown is both a pleasurable and memorable experience.” While details are currently mum on which retailers and boutiques can be expected for arrival at Dallas Midtown, we have a hunch that hints will be dropped soon. As always, we’ll keep you posted as more developments and phases for this mega center rolls out, but in the meantime, visit DallasMidtown.com for more details and current tenant listings.   Images used courtesy of Beck Ventures    

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