Zac Posen Does Dallas: A Rundown of the Designer’s 10 Most Quotable Moments

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For 34-year-old Zac Posen, running a global fashion house appears effortless. Marking yet another stellar year for the phenom, Posen accepted the Career Achievement in Fashion Award at Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars Gala in Dallas on November 14. A pure natural of his kind, Posen packed out downtown’s Fashion Industry Gallery, and commemorated the occasion with a spectacular runway presentation, along with impromptu meet and greets with guests. With a resumé chock-full of A-list clientele and successful product launches, Posen was more than worthy of the night’s notable honor.



Prior to his appearance at FGI’s gala, the renowned designer sat down with DFW Style Daily to candidly chat about his brand’s steady progression, the ins and outs of the fashion industry, and most importantly his fascination with the women of Dallas. With what started out as a typical Q&A, quickly morphed into a brief but knowledgeable session of what we have coined as a plethora of quotable “Zac-isms”. From career achievement nods to industry sustainability, read on for our top ten moments taken from our sit-down with the fearless and revolutionary designer.


1.       On Transitioning from a 16-Year-Old Wunderkind to a Veteran Designer

Zac Posen: “You have to understand the medium in which you’re working in today. You have to be a creator first, and have a very strong and keen business understanding. It’s a very competitive business on every front.”

2.       On Humble Beginnings

“I didn’t start with a trust fund.  I started my company with very little money in my parents’ living room, and then 9/11 happened and people were out of work. I had a few people…a sewer, a pattern-maker, and I had a guy who donated his time on production and that’s it. I did my first two collections with that team: my sister, my mom, and interns…but people who weren’t from fashion.”



3.       On “Making It” in Fashion

““Fashion’s a journey. It goes through many cycles, but longevity is the key. Endurance, drive, concentration, dedication—that’s what it takes to make it in fashion today.”

4.       On Fashion as a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”

“This is not an industry to become rich fast. It’s not about that at all, and it’s not the reality of it. It’s the drive. You have to have that one sparkling thing that makes you driven, and it really should be about the work you make. You can’t be an ostrich about it. You have to keep your eyes on the plains.”

5.       On Anna Wintour as a Mentor

“Anna’s very present and very driven. [She’s] been an incredible supporter and we’re both Scorpios. We expect a level of excellence.”



6.       On Paving the Way for Future Young Designers

“We live in an ageless culture of new creators. Somebody should be able to become a designer at any age. In a strange way, sometimes I look back at myself and I feel guilty even though I followed my dream and I’ve made it this far. I feel like I was a catalyst for an entire generation of designers of my age group. I was the first of the [young designer] groupings.”

7.       On the Value of Success

“You have to be proud and happy of where you are at the moment. At the end of the day, success for me is making a woman, customer, or a guy happy. You’re bringing happiness in the world; whether that’s through form, color, movement, or emotion—that’s all it’s about.”

8.       On Advice to the Emerging Designer

“You have to be obsessed with fashion. This isn’t a second hobby and this isn’t a novelty. Really study your industry. Study the past, the present, and where you think the future of the industry will be. Start making your own clothing. If you really want to be great, you better be able to know how to physically sew and pattern-make. You need to know all the sides of [designing] and be multi-faceted.”



9.       On the Women of Dallas

“I love myself a rodeo princess. The women of Dallas are expressive…they love their fashion and are in touch with their womanhood. They express that at a level of glamour and grandeur, and they embrace it. I think that is pretty sensational and quite rare.”

10.   On Career Achievement Goals

“Creativity is a lifelong pursuit.”



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