Austin-Based STAG To Open In Late November, Knox-Henderson Expansion Continues

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Over the past year, we have reported on multiple expansions and developments for one of our favorite local shopping districts, Knox-Henderson. As the endless introduction of new retailers and restaurants pour in, we have a new discovery on our radar that is set to join the flourishing family late this month.

Joining the neighborhood of Kate Spade, Lululemon, and Steven Alan, will be Austin-based men’s lifestyle retailer STAG. Marking the third opening for the brand, and the second store expansion in Texas, STAG is ready to make its mark on the Dallas shopping scene. Inspired by the likes of Steve McQueen, Willie Nelson and Michael Caine, the free-spirited retailer will bring an eclectic outlook on apparel, accessories, and home goods for the modern Dallas male.



Successfully captivating the Austin scene for nearly five years, STAG has capitalized on multiple expansion opportunities by offering a mecca of local and emerging product lines. Bringing to Dallas a rugged yet refined sense of aesthetics, the modern-day retailer sets itself apart with unique pairings of vintage and traditional apparel, accessories, grooming essentials, gifts, and home goods.



STAG will temporarily occupy the 1,300 square foot space at 4579 Travis Street, while a more permanent move to a much larger Knox-Henderson area storefront is scheduled for late 2015. During the time between, STAG will focus on fusing the “modern meets rustic” outlook of its brand with the classic temperament of the Dallas male. We look forward to more news on this pending development and will keep our ears open for additional details.


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