From the Military to Modeling: Brittanee Brooks Is Pretty Damn Tough


“The military taught me to think quickly, voice my opinions, and take action.”  - Brittanee Brooks

  Welcome to Face Time. DFW Style Daily’s exclusive series goes beyond the runways and picture-perfect shoots to get to know top Dallas models on a personal level. Why? Boasting top tier agencies, producers, and retailers, the Dallas market is emerging as a fashion force on the national scene. And, as our interviews with Carlotta LennoxMyles CrosbyDonny BoazSirisha ReddyAtti Worku, and many more prove, Dallas-based models are among the most fascinating and accomplished in the country. Today’s model citizen is no exception to the rule. After serving our country in the Armed Forces, Brittanee Brooks returned to Big D and started modeling with a new perspective on taking charge. She’s both tough and stylish, kicking butt one minute as a Marital Arts enthusiast, and dreaming of designer runway shows the next. Who says you can’t have it all? Read on for Brittanee’s exclusive Q&A: Name: Brittanee Brooks (married name, Alexander) Hometown: Oceanside, California Agency: The Clutts Agency Notable Clients: James Avery, Bealls, MAC Cosmetics, Francesca’s Collections, FM Fashion + Music  

DFW Style Daily: At what age did you begin modeling? Were you scouted or did you pursue modeling as a career? Brittanee Brooks Alexander: “I started modeling when I was 14, but I didn't like it. I was really shy. I started again at age 26 after serving in the military, by sending out pictures to a couple of local agencies.” Looking back, tell us about some of the most important lessons you learned while serving. “I grew up in a military family, so I was fairly well adjusted to discipline and formality. But, I suppose I learned how to be assertive. The military taught me to think quickly, voice my opinions, and take action.”  

  Would you recommend military service to other young women who are considering their post-school options? “The military isn't for everyone, but I would always recommend serving your country proudly.” As a strong and accomplished woman, have you encountered any stereotypes while working in the modeling field? “I look a lot younger than I am, and I act it most times too! So, there are many times when I get the ‘young, dumb, pretty girl’ stereotype. Sometimes, I go along with it. Most of the time, however, if I start up an actual conversation, people realize I am a real person, and all is right with the world.” Are there any "deal breakers" for you when it comes to job requirements? “I do not do hair shows that require cut or color; I had a bad experience at a show in that industry when I was younger. I would also never consider anything pornographic. Other than that, I think everything is an experience!”  

  What is your dream assignment, or who would be your dream client? “Anything Victoria’s Secret – I’m pretty sure I've dreamed of working for that company since I was seven years old and started looking through my mom’s catalogues. Walking for Stella McCartney or Diane von Furstenberg would also be pretty high on my list. I loved DVF’s Spring/Summer 2015 show!” Do you have any hidden talents or interests that might surprise us? “That’s kind of a hard question, because I’m interested in just about everything. I think it’s because I'm a Gemini! I love Martial Arts, and I’m competing in my first Tae Kwon Do tournament at the end of the month. I also enjoy horseback riding, dancing, snowboarding, and scuba diving - anything outdoors or active. I also enjoy reading and making up my own stories.” Do you follow a fitness regimen, and if so, what does a typical workout look like for you? “I wouldn't say that I follow a ‘regimen,’ but I have Tae Kwon Do four days a week, and I love Zumba! I hate running, but I am surprisingly good at it, and my husband always wants to enter us into 5K and Spartan races.”  

  Do you have a personal role model? “I like to learn from everybody; I am a people watcher. I have never found one particular person I wanted to model myself after, but my grandmother is a very smart and savvy woman. I've probably learned the most from her.” Would you ever consider plastic surgery? Why or why not? “No. I hope to age as gracefully as my mother and grandmother. I don’t believe in changing the way God made you. There are so many natural ways to enhance and highlight your personal beauty.” When you’re not working, what is your favorite way to spend a free afternoon or evening? “I really love to read, especially outside. Sometimes, I’ll just sit outside in the sun on a free afternoon.”   All images, credit The Clutts Agency.    

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