Oak Cliff’s Glass Optical Equals An Eye-Opening Experience

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If seeing is believing, then we recommend heading down to one of Oak Cliff’s newest indie destinations; it’s worth the trip. But first, the back story.



Glass Optical is nestled just outside the popular Bishop Arts District shopping strip on West Davis Street. Family-owned and operated, the young eyewear boutique is making its mark on Dallas by offering one-of-a-kind designer frames from an exclusive list of global independent designers.

With a bold approach to being “anti-brand name,” the father-son duo behind this new door pride themselves on offering functional and stylish frames from high-quality designers at affordable prices. In line with that mission, Paul Wilkes and his father, Dr. Stephen Wilkes, who has over 25 years of experience in the optometry industry, stock a selection of over 500 frames. The range represents a combination of independently owned and operated designer lines.



“It’s less about the brand on the temple of the glasses, and much more about how well it is made, how it feels on your face, and how it looks on you,” says the younger Wilkes. “I don’t want our customers to wear something because it has a logo stamped on the side. I want them to wear something because it’s well made and they enjoy the product.”

While it would be natural to compare this new outfit to the likes of LensCrafters or Warby Parker, Glass Optical is justifiably in a league of its own. Frames and sunglasses by Garrett Leight, Andy Wolf, Sons & Daughters, Massada, and Moscot make the store unique. Indeed, these lines are offered nowhere else in Dallas. In the case of Massada, Glass Optical represents the only retailer in the entire country.



“We as a culture care so much about how things are made and where they come from, that we think that this type of concern should also be taken with eyeglasses,” Paul expands on the company philosophy. “They become a part of an individual’s persona, and are worn every day.”

Along with the style and fashion component, Glass Optical offers eye exams by Dr. Stephen Wilkes to complete the package. All told, for the forward-thinking, proudly four-eyed shopper, a trip to Glass Optical could prove eye-opening. For more information, visit www.glassoptical.co.


All images courtesy of Glass Optical.



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