Roll With It: Mobile Jewelry Studio ‘The Silver Soul’ Mixes Metal & Meaning

  Molly Sharp ain’t just stringin’ beads. The Dallas artist and expert gemologist studied goldsmithing in Portland, lapidary design in Taos, and advanced metalsmithing in Nacogdoches. Her jewelry is her passion, and now she’s taking her showroom – quite literally – on the road.  

  The Silver Soul represents the culmination of Sharp’s dedication and training, and it’s no coincidence that the boutique, in itself, symbolizes an artistic journey. Housed in a 1966 Airstream Safari travel trailer, the new shop-on-wheels came to fruition through a three-year period of hard work and personal evolution. In Sharp’s own words, “The Silver Soul was to see an engagement, a wedding, the birth of a baby boy, countless hours of work in the Texas heat, designs and design changes, hundreds of hardware store runs, plan revisions, carpentry lessons, and of course, blood, sweat, and tears." In its final form, The Silver Soul is a light-filled bohemian chic studio and boutique. Set against a backdrop of colorful textiles, international souvenirs, and gilded mirrors, Sharp’s handcrafted designs will appeal to those who “cherish the value and meaning of life.”  

  Hallmarked by oversized semi-precious stones and hand-carved, cast, and polished silver settings, this selection transcends trends. Whether delicate or oversized, items from The Silver Soul become everyday statement-makers for the wearer. This isn’t special occasion jewelry; this is jewelry for those who consider life a special occasion. The range includes items for both men and women, from rings and earrings to pendants and lariat-style neckwear. Sharp is also known for her custom work, with many local trendsetters sporting a one-of-a-kind treasure from The Silver Soul.  

The Silver Soul will officially launch with a unique celebration later this month in Dallas. Look for the Airstream Safari outside WELD Studio on Thursday, October 23. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., live music, cocktails, and tarot card readings will make for a memorable evening. For more information and complete location details, please visit our Event Calendar.   All images courtesy of The Silver Soul.    

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