Dallas Starlet Ali Faulkner Shines Bright in New Film ‘The Song’

  Dallas is no stranger to neighbors who have launched careers in the limelight, with North Texas notables securing starring spots in everything from the reality circus to box office blockbusters. Adding to the constellation of local talent is actress Ali Faulkner, set to sparkle with the September 26 debut of her latest big-screen must-see, The Song.  

  While she spent her childhood in Missouri, Faulkner has been in Big D long enough to be considered a hometown girl. When she’s not filming or jetting out for a promo tour, you’ll likely find this starlet breezing about town with an aura of effortless grace. We find Faulkner fascinating, due in large part to a body of work which speaks for itself. For her, the meaning is in the message, and she looks straight to the heart of each role to reveal its purpose and the passion behind it. Early on, Faulkner made sound waves in high school musicals, while also performing in singing competitions and Women’s All-State Choir. She recorded her first demo album, Eternity, while studying communications at the University of Texas at Arlington. Soon, she was taking the local musical theater world by storm, working with such groups as Theatre 3.  

  A personal, poignant project next influenced the trajectory of this rising star. Her physician father, a talented writer as well, penned a screenplay that her family filmed over weekends while she was at UTA. Actors from Linda McAlister Talent rounded out the cast, and before long, Faulkner garnered the attention of the agency herself. Parts in independent films and television series followed, including NBC’s Salvation and ABC’s Killer Women. Adding a blockbuster feature film hit to her resume, Faulkner also starred as Bianca in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Honest intentionality sets Faulkner’s work apart, making her an inspiring and genuine force in the entertainment industry. This quality resonates fully in The Song, her latest project premiering this Friday. Already drawing praise, the film’s trailer is but a glimpse at the beautiful and talented Faulkner in what she calls her most personally impactful role to date. Inspired by the Song of Solomon, it spiritually charts the fight for godly values in a world that often glorifies the opposite.  

  Faulkner calls the film’s writer and director Richard Ramsey “kind” and “gracious,” and nothing short of an “inspiration.” She responded not only to the weight of his powerful story of grit and grace, but to the interwoven themes of redemption, forgiveness, and love. The actress relied heavily on her own strong faith to become the character of Rose. The Song is also apropos for Faulkner, owing to her roots in musical theater. A host of original songs form the backbone of the plot line, affording the opportunity to fuse music and film.  

Pictured above at a premier event for The Song, there’s sure to be no shortage of star-studded, red carpet moments in Faulkner’s future. She is quick to take it all in stride, however, including the fashion so synonymous with such appearances. Confessing that she’s more in tune with “classic, ethereal silhouettes,” rather than the label name behind them, she concludes with a nod to one very special exception: Bobby Schandra. The Dallas designer’s statement-making clutches and shimmery jewels have accessorized many a Hollywood ensemble. He also happens to be the designer of a very striking ring on Ali Faulkner’s finger - and her fiancé.   Ali Faulkner headshot, credit Sergio Garcia. For theaters and showtimes, visit TheSongMovie.com.      

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