Texas Our Texas: Local Brands Capitalize on City & State-Themed Fashion Boom

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Last week, social media feeds erupted when Dallas was ranked number one in USA Today’s Best International Skyline poll. Couple the honor with the latest style hype in city and state-themed wearables, and our unique skyline equals more than just cute selfies and postcards for area fashion start-ups.



Cashing in on a growing global obsession with not only Dallas, but city and state pride in general, we’ll highlight two new local businesses today. Read on to learn more about their takes on this trend, and why they believe the state and skyline fad is here to stay.



All the Wire
Founders: Tori and Desiree Gonzales

Texas-themed accessories made a local splash when Bravo TV reality star and Dallas fashion blogger Courtney Kerr sported the “State of Mind” necklace by All the Wire on Courtney Loves Dallas. The Lone Star State is a major muse of the family-operated jewelry line, with an emphasis on wide-open spaces. “Our inspiration comes from our surroundings – the country life,” notes co-founder Tori Gonzales. “Anyone who has grown up in a small town or lives in the country sees our products and can immediately relate.”

Although All the Wire is multi-state friendly, we couldn’t help but notice that the Gonzales sisters play favorites when it comes to their Texas home. Fresh from a recent collaboration with Tumbleweed TexStyles, they’ve partnered with the website to create a collection of Tori Gonzales-branded, Texas-themed tees. With this in mind, we followed up with Tori for her inside take on the trend.



DFW Style Daily: Why do you believe that city-themed and state-themed accessories are great products for today’s market?

Tori Gonzales: “We push and create product that we love. People have often referred to Texas as ‘its own country,’ and people from here take great pride in their state. Texans are extremely loyal, and pushing state-themed products was a no-brainer.”

With a significant number of companies producing apparel and accessories in this sector, do you believe that the concept will lose its appeal? Or, will this be an area that will continue to grow?

“I feel that it would only lose its appeal when the company loses its love for the product. Your buyers can tell when you are just throwing something out there to sell, or when you truly love what you create and want to share it with your customer. I think city and state-themed accessories are here to stay.”



City + Sky
Founders: Courtney and Allison Edwards

Since 2009, twin bloggers Courtney and Allison Edwards have touted events and brands in Dallas and beyond through their lifestyle blog, Where Wear In the City. Taking note of the increased popularity of city and state-themed accessories, our second featured sister team created City + Sky.

Launching next month, the Edwards’ line of necklaces and cuffs ties in to their blog. We caught up with one-half of the duo to for more insight into fashion’s latest fascination with city skylines.



DFW Style Daily: How did the City + Sky collection come to fruition?

Courtney Edwards: “With five years of written endeavors under our belt, we decided it was time to take our craft to the next level, and create something visible, unique, and ready to wear. Our love for the city was evident, and we also wanted to include something personal and from the heart promoting peace, happiness, and a worldly view of the sky above. Together with a vivid imagination, City + Sky was brought to life! As our motto goes: Live in the city where the sky is yours to wear!”

Do you believe that skyline-inspired wearables are just a fad, or do you see long-term marketability?

“I think it’s always a risk of some sort when starting a business venture, especially with so many jewelry designers and brands out there. But, with our passion and dedication to our brand, we hope it will bring even more appeal now and in the future!”


All the Wire and City + Sky are just two of the Dallas-based brands targeting city and state-themed apparel. Additional local businesses marketing in the arena include Katydid Collection, Outline the Sky, and Tumbleweed TexStyles. For all of these companies, designing Dallas and Texas-inspired apparel is not just a fad; it’s a lifestyle. Although the future of this market remains uncertain, Texas pride and culture is here to stay.


All images, credit All The Wire and City + Sky.



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