Get Discovered: Dallas Modeling Insiders Reveal Scouting Secrets!

  If you were sleeping under a rock (or maybe focused on more pressing world issues), you might have missed a couple of unusual model discoveries that recently took the web by storm. To recap, earlier this summer, incarcerated felon Jeremy Meeks was offered a $30K modeling contract after circulation of his mug shot racked up an unprecedented amount of Facebook “likes” and comments from admirers. Soon after, social media exploded once again after cameras captured World Cup soccer fan, Axelle Despiegelaere, as she was cheering in the crowd. Despiegelaere, an everyday spectator, received a modeling contract with L’Oreal after being dubbed the “Belgium World Cup Beauty.”  

  In light of these reports, and sensing a possible trend, our interest in unconventional methods of model scouting has turned to more than mere curiosity. In an effort to delve deeper into subject, we sought expert opinions – and fun stories, of course - from local industry insiders. From fast food drive-thru’s to blind date snafus, read on to get the scoop on some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s most interesting ways to get scouted.  

  Luis Basteri Founder, Amores Model Management “Amores is always on the search for our next super model. Our agency recognizes the importance of social media presence and digital influence. We recently held a contest open to anyone living in Texas who posted a ‘selfie’ with the hashtag #amoresmgmt. Our grand prize winner was 16-year-old Tucker Coble from Arlington, Texas (pictured above). Tucker received a two-year international modeling contract and a trip to Los Angeles to develop his book. “But even social media can’t replace the need for a traditional approach. That’s why, in the month of September, Amores will be hosting our first model search at Mockingbird Station. Although the concept is traditional, this will be the first of its kind Dallas has seen.”  

  Mary Bentley Model, Vera Photo and Talent “In 2012, a woman in a restaurant approached me and asked me if she could take my picture. I was on an awful blind date - yikes. My date was away from the table, so I spoke to the woman for a bit and politely declined. I told her that I was not interested, but she said that she was not going to give up on me, and she gave me her business card. That September, the same woman asked if she could have 30 minutes of my time for a photo test. I had a job offer two hours after she posted my picture. That October, I signed with Vera Photo and Talent.” (Bentley pictured above, left.)   Willie Johnson DFW Stylist and Fashion Show Producer “I discovered a model while at a train station. She was so stunning that I didn’t care that I was about to miss my train; I just had to give her my information. I’ve also scouted models at the gym. I look for height, size, clear skin, healthy hair, a great body, and most importantly, an amazing work ethic and genuine humbleness. I’ve heard, though, of models being discovered at fast food restaurants or sacking groceries.” (Johnson pictured above, right.)   Kelly Williams-Birt Photographer, Kelly Williams Photography “My husband was approached by a runway producer while working at his summer job as a bank teller. Shortly after, he signed with Page Parkes in Houston and then modeled in Milan. That’s not as interesting, however, as the fact that I turned down Katie Holmes when I was a modeling agent in Ohio!”  

  In conclusion, it would appear that, in this modern age of creative connectivity, there is no rhyme or reason to discovering the next fresh face in modeling. All signs seem to point to the theory that at any time, and in any place, finding the next big name is all fair game. So if getting discovered is on your to-do list, put on your wardrobe best, lace up your kicks, and hit the ground smiling. The next top model discovery may just be you.    

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