Get Blownaway: New On-Demand Beauty Brand Brings Blowouts & Make-Up To You!

  Two weeks ago, we introduced you to a creative new beauty brand that has Dallas a-flutter. From bloggers to broadcasts, Big D is buzzing about Blownaway – and DFW Style Daily put it to the test.  

  Both a website and an app, Blownaway sends professional stylists to clients’ homes, offices, and even hotel rooms, with push-a-button ease. Armed and trained, the company’s pro’s then execute customized blowouts, special occasion styles, braids, make-up applications, and more, on location. Following a splashy launch event at Dee Lincoln’s Bubble Bar earlier this summer, Blownaway has been building social media momentum and word-of-mouth street cred. Custom blowouts from professional stylists? Eliminate the hassle of going to a salon? On-demand service with a personalized touch? Why didn’t we think of this ourselves?  

  With Blownaway shaping up to be a getting ready game-changer, we at DFW Style Daily decided to put this new service to the test. Who better to try out a fashionable and innovative new brand than five of the most fashionable and innovative women we know? Over the course of two whirlwind weeks, we visited Kristin Smith of The Clad Life, Andrea Isom and Nina Lowe of Front Door Fashion, Toni Muñoz-Hunt of Model Behaviors, and Rhonda Sargent Chambers of RSC Show Productions. Each trendsetting entrepreneur was treated to the best blowout ever, courtesy of Blownaway.  

  Even better, during our special trendsetter tour, Blownaway donated a portion of sales to charities hand-selected by our panel through limited-edition gift cards. Beneficiaries included the Nexus Recovery Center, Dress For Success Dallas, New Friends New Life, and the Children’s Cancer Fund. Let’s hear for a company that shows gratitude and commitment to the community!  

  The past two weeks have been both stylish and meaningful. As the images herein illustrate, Blownaway was a runaway hit. Our sincerest thanks go to each of our amazing panelists, and their charities of choice, as well as the team at Blownaway. Now it’s your turn. Visit to learn more about the best blowout ever that comes to you. Group and party rates are now available, and make-up, braids, and special occasion styles are also on the menu. Follow Blownaway on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and look out for our new favorite hashtag #BestBlowoutEver to link and share your own Blownaway experience.   Images, credit Jessica Adkins and Sylvia Elzafon for DFW Style Daily.      

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