New Dallas Designer Natalia Veronica Cultivates Cultural Couture



The phrase cultural couture began crossing the lips of local fashion fans as soon as New Orleans transplant and visual artist Natalia Veronica hit the Dallas scene. Blending her passions for creativity, precision, and fine art into one, the former Prada handbag specialist developed her brand, NV Natalia Veronica, to introduce a “hand-painting meets fashion and home décor” collection to the Metroplex.


Bringing much depth to the marketplace by virtue of uniquely designed pieces, the Natalia Veronica line aims to change wardrobes and interiors, one painting at a time. Think Warhol-esque pop art pieces and limited edition hand-etched creations. Today, DFW Style Daily takes a deep dive into the world of this new Dallas designer to learn what helps Natalia Veronica think outside the box.



DFW Style Daily: You use the phrase “cultural couture” to describe your collection. How did this term come about and why is it significant to your brand?

Natalia Veronica: “Many major brands have created limited edition collaborations with well-known visual artists. A few examples include Jeff Koons for Kiehl’s Cosmetics, James Jean for Prada, and Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton. My line permanently infuses my own gallery-exhibited paintings throughout the collection. The NV culture is a part of every piece, and allows the client to have something with significant meaning. Like haute couture – and my paintings – my hand-painted pieces are one of a kind.”


What are your sources of inspiration?

“I believe you can draw inspiration from any situation. I am an art history enthusiast and a huge admirer of fashion photography. The images on my handbags are created from my own personal paintings and sketches. However, those paintings are often influenced by the evolving proportions and scales of ancient art, as well as modern exaggerated model positioning such as in high fashion magazines.”



It’s incredibly unique that you infuse your artwork directly onto your designer handbags, clutches, and home décor. What materials do you use to ensure durability?

“When I was younger any surface would do – sorry mom! Now, I create my artwork primarily using acrylics, pastels, and charcoals. My handbags are extensions of my artwork, so I try to incorporate canvas as much as possible. I often use silk, leather, and other eco-friendly fabrics, as well.”


Do you envision any celebrities carrying your handbags or decorating their homes with your interior creations?  If so, who?

“Three celebrities whom I admire for their own personal wardrobe style are Tracee Ellis Ross, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cate Blanchett. No one does sophistication like these women! I have a painting entitled ‘SJP,’ which was inspired by a Vogue photo shoot during the first Sex and the City movie. Also, I would like to see what Nate Berkus could do with my home décor items. I try to make merchandise that anyone can feel connected with, especially in the home.”


Shop the NV Natalia Veronica collection online, and at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. All images credit Natalia Veronica.