Get Blownaway: Could This New On-Demand Beauty Brand Be The Best Blowout Ever?

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Dallas is a-flutter with the arrival of a creative new beauty brand. From bloggers galore to network news coverage, Blownaway has Big D buzzing. Hold on to your hats, ladies, ‘cause this may be the #BestBlowoutEver!


Both a website and an app, Blownaway sends professional stylists to clients’ homes, offices, and even hotel rooms, with push-a-button ease. Armed and trained, the company’s pro’s then execute customized blowouts, special occasion styles, braids, make-up applications, and more, on location. Following a splashy launch event at Dee Lincoln’s Bubble Bar earlier this summer, Blownaway has been building social media momentum and word-of-mouth street cred.

Custom blowouts from professional stylists? Eliminate the hassle of going to a salon? On-demand service with a personalized touch? We’re listening.


With Blownaway shaping up to be a getting ready game-changer, we at DFW Style Daily decided to put this new service to the test. Who better to try out a stylish and innovative new brand than five of the most stylish and innovative women we know? Even better, Blownaway is donating a portion of sales during DFW Style Daily’s project to charities hand-selected by our panel. Let’s hear it for a company that shows gratitude and commitment to the community in which it launched!

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be visiting each of the following trendsetting local ladies, and treating them to the Blownaway experience. With limited-edition gift cards, their charity partners will benefit through sales at


Kristin Smith


Founder and CEO of The Clad Life, Kristin Smith is in high demand as a personal stylist and fashion expert. Her A-list clientele trusts this fashion-forward entrepreneur to work wardrobe wonders from boardrooms to television studios to the red carpet. Kristin will represent Nexus Recovery Center through DFW Style Daily’s Blownaway campaign.


Andrea Isom & Nina Lowe

The founders of Front Door Fashion make stylish shopping a breeze by delivering designer finds right to clients’ doorsteps. This first-class service has added up to quick growth for the Big D-based business, now headquartered in the Dallas Design District. Andrea and Nina will represent Dress For Success Dallas through DFW Style Daily’s Blownaway campaign.


Toni Muñoz-Hunt

Toni Muñoz-Hunt is a model, writer, lifestyle blogger, and relationship columnist. As the founder of and the author of DFW Style Daily’s Model Behaviors series, she has created a collective space for the woman who wants to do it all because she can. Toni will represent New Friends, New Life through DFW Style Daily’s Blownaway campaign.


Rhonda Sargent Chambers

As a speaker, event producer, model, and writer, Rhonda Sargent Chambers has been a respected figure in the fashion community for over 30 years. In addition to producing top-tier fashion and philanthropic events through her company, RSC Show Productions, Rhonda is an expert contributor on the subject of trend forecasting for DFW Style Daily. Rhonda will represent Children’s Cancer Fund through DFW Style Daily’s Blownaway Campaign.




Over the next two weeks, DFW Style Daily will be visiting our panelists and communicating live via social media. We’ll also be sharing our Blownaway charity offers, plenty of pictures, and much more. Follow Blownaway on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and look out for our new favorite hashtag #BestBlowoutEver to link and share.


Now, are you ready to get Blownaway?




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