Compassionate Blogger Ashlee Piper of The Little Foxes on Fall Fashion & Beauty Bests

  What started out as a passing fad rapidly turned into a passionate lifestyle for native Texan and popular vegan blogger, Ashlee Piper. The quick-witted former political strategist is not only the founder of the award-winning food and style blog, The Little Foxes. Inspired by her pup Banjo to delve deeper into cruelty-free causes, she’s currently hailed as one of the leading experts for brands, companies, and publications seeking subject matter on the increasingly popular topic.  

  Piper is a highly sought-after correspondent for Refinery 29, a consultant to ethical brands, and also a featured writer for Reader’s Digest, Fox News, and Vegetarian Times, just to name a few. With the fall and cooler months coming just around the corner, we decided to get a leg up on the competition with a few tips and recommendations from this approachable authority. “When it comes to fashion, beauty and general lifestyle, there’s this giant misconception that vegans are these wacky, unpolished, unprofessional, über-radical folks who live in yurts and wear hemp fanny packs all the time,” explains Piper, with a smile. “…and while there are certainly the wacky among vegans - as with any group of people - there are also many incredibly accomplished, articulate, ultra-professional, stylish vegans out there.” Dispelling the myths and shedding light on how to successfully merge this lifestyle with fashion, Piper’s picks are stylish and innovative. From the booming vegan leather category, to an incredible rainforest hydration treatment for the skin, mark her finds below with a bright green star.  

  Fall Fashion Imposter: “Remarkably convincing” faux fur coats Vaute Couture & Brave Gentle Man: Polished fabric winter coats and suiting UMASAN & Naketano: Brave New World: Euro-chic outerwear for men and women Patagonia & Eddie Bauer: Look for down-alternative insulation in “hella warm, utilitarian” coats BB Dakota & Free People: Trendy, leather-like coats and jackets  

  Beauty Must-Haves Karma Solid Perfume by LUSH Jacqueminot Lipstick by Aromi Mint 2 Be Minty Gluten-Free Lipgloss by Red Apple Lipstick Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Conceal and Crème Colour Concentrate in Grandma Rainforest Hydration Treatment by La Bella Figura Renew Rose Concentrate by Amala Beauty  

  While many may partake in vegan and cruelty-free options based on misconceptions, disingenuous ideals, or Hollywood glamorization, advocates like Piper press forward for long-term effects in the beauty and fashion industries. While the road may seem tough at times, pioneers such as this popular blogger are making waves and experiencing tremendous breakthroughs. Piper concludes our style convo with a few words of wisdom: “Living compassionately is no longer seen as a weakness, but rather as quite en vogue, and I hope that the trend is here to stay.”   Headshot images courtesy of Ashlee Piper. Inset images feature Free People and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.    

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