New Dallas Designer Rusty Bell Touts Eye-Catching, Risk-Taking Menswear

  Fun, sexy, comfortable, and adventurous are just a few words used by Dallas-based designer Rusty Bell to describe his new menswear brand. ThrIII (pronounced “three”) launched in February of this year, putting a modern and eye-catching spin on everything from underwear to loungewear. A standout collection at The Pin Show 2014, the line is gaining in momentum through both e-commerce and a local retailer, Skivvies on Cedar Springs.  

  Showcasing an incomparable knack for individuality, and a massive leap outside of the norm for men’s underwear, thrIII is undoubtedly a local brand to watch. In fact, we dare you not to stare at the look book images featured herein. Today, Rusty Bell candidly dishes to DFW Style Daily on the vision for thrIII, and where the unique brand is headed next. Read on for the scoop.   DFW Style Daily: How did you come up with the name thrIII? What is its significance? Rusty Bell: “My grandfather, father, and I all share a name. This has led me to have a slight obsession with being the third. My monogram has always been identified with ‘III,’ thus leading me to the name thrIII.”   How did you get your start in the fashion industry? “I started sewing at the age of nine, however I did not start designing until 2001 during my senior year at college. After that, I took a few years to realize that fashion school was where I needed to be. I decided to attend Drexel University, where I graduated with a Masters Degree in Fashion. Relocating to Dallas seemed to be the next reasonable choice, and since then I have been teaching at colleges in the DFW area. I am currently the Concentration Chair for the Fashion and Design Division Director at Wade College.”   How does your collection differentiate itself from other menswear labels that have a similar focus on underwear and loungewear? “For me, the men’s underwear world was plagued by the same idea over and over again, with few fresh new ideas. I knew that I had something to say in this world. At thrIII, my process is what makes the difference. I only use up-cycled fabric and produce small run collections. Meaning, I make no more than 30 pieces of a style in a fabric. All of the pieces are handmade here in Dallas, paying close attention to details.”  

  What can we look forward to in the future for thrIII? “We have been very active, traveling across the country and spreading the word about thrIII directly to the customers. We have also been working to launch our new collections that will be released in two weeks. The new collection will feature some great new prints and perforated vegan leather. The collection will be launched at San Diego PrideFest, in addition to the introduction of our new swimwear pieces.”   Speaking of swimwear, what’s your opinion of the social media frenzy over what was being dubbed as a new men’s swimwear trend, the half thong? “The interesting thing is that the half thong has been around for a while, and I have seen it at some [fashion] shows. It seems to work on the models, but this is really a fad in the world of men’s underwear and swimwear.”   Lastly, what are your top picks for men’s trends and styles for the summer? “Summer style is definitely coming from thrIII and also from designer, Jeremy Scott. I am in love with his work for Adidas and Moschino. This summer, men’s trends are definitely leaning toward bright, fun colors and prints, and more skin - meaning shorter shorts and tank tops. All of these looks should be topped off by great high tops.”  

  Although Rusty Bell is just beginning here in Dallas, it is clear by his focus, talents, and vision that his brand is destined for longevity. We look forward to seeing more from thrIII’s fresh and exciting perspective. For more information, visit   All images, credit Arcus Media for thrIII.    

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