Diane von Furstenberg Goes High Tech With New Google Glass Collab

  If seeing is believing, then Google and designer Diane von Furstenberg may be on to the next big thing. With just the swipe of a finger or the wink of an eye, Google Glass will allow you to read your emails, take photos, navigate travel, and more, through your eyewear. Fashion icon DVF brings her golden style touch to this hands-free tech innovation.  

  Giving a well-deserved nod to fashion’s influence on consumer spending, this designer collaboration represents a first for Google. The DVF “Made for Glass” collection features five styles of the futuristic eyewear and eight variations of sunglasses, including aviator shades in bronze, orchid, and rose.

Google Glass representatives traveled to a select number of DVF boutique locations on June 28 and 29 to demonstrate the high tech specs, including Highland Park Village in Dallas. The two-day showcase allowed customers to try on the frames and test the technology of the $1800 device. While Google was silent as to details on how long the collaboration with DVF will last, the global leader in technology hinted that celebs were gravitating towards the eyewear as a hot commodity for individuals on-the-go.

While wearing the frames, basic voice commands will display a menu right before the eyes, including the time, latest in breaking news, or other personalized information. A simple swipe on the side of the eyewear will then allow the user to scroll through emails, search the web, or play music. Google Glass can also be calibrated to take a picture or record video with just the blink of an eye or the nod of a head. When questioned (with a wink) about the eyewear’s ability to take a “selfie,” Google reps appeared amused, but admitted that snapping one of the ubiquitous social media staples is only possible while standing in front of a mirror. Despite this minimal limit in function, everyone from runners to mountain climbers to top-level execs is indulging in DVF’s collaboration with Google Glass. The latest in designer eyewear is attracting users of all demographics, and opening a window on the future of functional fashion. For more information on DVF “Made for Glass,” visit Google.com/Glass.   All images via Google.com/Glass.      

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