Dallas Jet-Setters Reveal Top Travel Tips: Part One

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Memorial Day Weekend is nearly upon us, and summer’s unofficial kick-off launches a season of travel near and far. However, as we fair weather wanderers dream of our well-deserved departures, the realities of planning, packing, and scoring those coveted upgrades can turn travel into a nightmare.

Enter DFW Style Daily’s network of seasoned Dallas jet-setters. For your benefit (not to mention ours), these Big D-based frequent flyers are revealing their top travel secrets today. Check out their expert tips, handy downloads, and more, for smooth sailing this summer. Plus, more tips are now live in Dallas Jet-Setters Reveal Top Travel Tips: Part Two!




Steve Kemble

Television & Radio Personality

103.7 KVIL FM

America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru





“Plastic, people – and I’m not talking surgery. …Even though I have no issue with that! The fact is, friction causes wrinkling, and plastic reduces friction. The best solution for this basic plastic physics is dry-cleaner bags. One outfit per dry cleaner bag, and your wardrobe will arrive red carpet ready!”




Christopher Wright Cordell








“When packing, I recommend you streamline your look! Consider one wardrobe look, or color or trend category, and only bring pieces that adhere to that look. This way, you can mix and match without overloading your luggage.”




Yasmeen Tadia

CEO & Founder

Fluffpop™ Gourmet Cotton Candy & HotPoppin Gourmet Popcorn






“I usually keep all of my clothes on hangers. Delicately lay them all together across the top of the suitcase, with everything else packed underneath. Then when you arrive at your destination, simply pull out the hangers and your bag is essentially unpacked! The best part is, you don’t have to worry too much about creases! I also always pack snacks, both for myself and my son. I strongly dislike the coffee and tea served on airplanes, so I usually include a couple of my favorite tea bags, as well.

“Lastly, when traveling, I recommend you smile and say ‘hi.’ The best way to learn about a new city is to meet new people. Sometimes a little ‘hello’ can go a long way toward finding the best restaurant or the easiest way to bypass tourist lines.”




Cynthia Smoot

Co-Founder, Gangway Advertising

Blogger, Oh So Cynthia






“I don’t care if you are going to the mountains or the beach, pack for changes in temperature! I just returned from Costa Rica, having packed shorts, tank tops, and little sundresses for the tropical beach climate. I almost froze throughout the two days I spent in the cloud forest in the mountains, because I hadn’t thought to take a lightweight jacket or long-sleeve shirt. Pack for the layered look; you can always peel off or add on layers to suit the climate.

“When it comes to products, I always recommend packing an umbrella. Especially in tropical locations, storms can roll in out of the blue, and no one looks cute when they’re all wet. I also always pack an extra large Ziploc bag or two for damp or wet items like swimsuits or shoes.”




Anokhi Shah

Social Media Manager, DFW Style Daily

CEO & Founder, Shah Social Media






“Nothing is more awkward than having to pay back a friend or family member on a trip. Therefore, I recommend the app Venmo, because it’s the easiest way to pay someone back and not have it linger over your head. Also, it’s the best way to minimize the amount of cash you have to carry while traveling.”




Lucy Dang

Designer & Founder, Lucy Dang







“When I travel, I always make sure to download new audio books to my iPhone. I put my phone on airplane mode, and just close my eyes and listen to a book. Flying goes by much faster if I’m lost in a great story.

“Also, since I’m always in and out of New York for work, lodging bills can get expensive. I used to pay upwards of $500 per night or more for a tiny hotel room – but no more! I now use AirBNB to book a great space for usually about $150 per night. That’s for an entire apartment for myself and my team!”




Silver Hogue

Account Executive, Vivanti Group







“My top travel tip is to moisturize as much as possible, especially on overnight flights. I use Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief on long flights, and it keeps my skin extra dewy without feeling greasy.”





President, FLUENT







“I so love to travel, and I travel like they did way back when. I dress to fly, and it’s the secret to that madness! Over and over again, I would get upgraded to First Class, and I tried to figure out why my request was honored while others’ were not. Was it because I was flirting with the counter help? Was it because of my miles? No! It was because I had dressed for the occasion.

“Another secret perfect companion that I never travel without is my handy dandy flask. What is it filled with? I’ll never tell, but you’ll be happy I brought it. And you’ll be even happier you’re sitting next to me in First Class!”


Want more? Read Dallas Jet-Setters Reveal Top Travel Tips: Part Two! 


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