NorthPark Center Adds Interactive New Installation To World-Class Art Collection

  The Art of Shopping. NorthPark Center’s motto merely hints at the treasures neighboring favorite retailers like Neiman Marcus, Tory Burch, Anthropologie, and H&M. Did you know that Big D’s top mall features an acclaimed 20th and 21st Century art collection? Where else can shoppers browse among the works of Warhol, Frank Stella, Mark di Suvero, Joel Shapiro, Jim Dine, and Beverly Pepper?  

  More than 26 million people each year experience world-class art at NorthPark Center, and visiting exhibits add visual variety to the museum-quality range. Indeed, just announced this week, a new work to be unveiled on Wednesday, May 21, comes to NorthPark via Madison Square Park in New York City. Iván Navarro’s This Land is Your Land promises a captivating, interactive experience with a strong community message. Comprising three water towers, which reveal illuminated messages to the viewer upon close inspection, Navarro’s installation is a visual statement about the experience of immigration and our shared, basic needs as human beings.  

“It is a privilege to bring to NorthPark and to North Texas this stunning and thought-provoking work that will serve as a source of contemplation, inspiration, and possibility,” says Nancy A. Nasher, Co-owner of NorthPark Center with husband David J. Haemisegger. Of his creation, the artist explains:
“I like the idea of a reservoir of water. This simple and timeless wooden structure contains water - the most primitive and elemental resource, the essence of human sustenance, and a reminder of the basic condition that all humanity shares. …By positioning This Land is Your Land in NorthPark Center, the viewer is both reminded of this outdoor structure that helps sustain their communities, and is transported within the shopping mall. Upon walking under the sculpture, the viewer is presented with a temporary visual reality. In a similar manner, shopping malls provide a contained experiential environment outside of daily life.”

  Iván Navarro’s This Land is Your Land will be on view at NorthPark Center for one year, beginning Wednesday, May 21. The installation will be located on Level One between Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, near Gucci. Images Image courtesy of the artist and Paul Kasmin Gallery; photography by Elisabeth Bernstein.  

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