New Dallas Designer Emme Hathcock Dreams Big For ‘This One Woman’

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Dallas newbie and emerging jewelry designer Emme Hathcock is more than just baubles and bling. Featured in Esquire Magazine and one of the many standout designers at this year’s Pin Show and the Accessories in the Nude Designer Showcase, the creator and founder of This One Woman (pictured below, left) is just getting started.



We first spotted Hathcock’s sparkling beauties at the aforementioned Pin Show, mesmerized as her iridescent bibs and shimmering pendants danced down the runway. After such a spectacular display of craftsmanship, we knew the time was now to delve into the beginnings of this local designer’s business, and where she’s headed next. Read on to learn why, after all of her personal trials and obstacles, Emme Hathcock still continues to dream big.


DFW Style Daily: You made the jump from corporate America to being an entrepreneur just two years ago. What spurred this career change?

Emme Hathcock: “I left the corporate world after living in Malaysia as a recruiting manager. Several of my jobs had me traveling the world. I’m thankful for those opportunities, but they didn’t fill the empty hole that I had. I wasn’t living my passion. So, when certain circumstances allowed me the opportunity to start my [jewelry] business, I took the leap, and never looked back.”


You are very open in admitting that you did not receive formal training in jewelry-making. Curious minds want to know how you learned to construct your intricate pieces.

“I am completely self-taught, yes. When I first began making this type of jewelry on a much smaller scale, I purchased pieces and deconstructed them to see how they were made. I use a technique called bead weaving. I weave one-millimeter beads called ‘delicas’ together using various ancient beading stitches. This is a very popular craft, and you can learn the techniques from niche magazines and even on YouTube.”



What is the origin of the name of your line, This One Woman?

“It took me months to come up with a name! A friend and I were brainstorming, and she asked, ‘What do you call a business that is run by this one woman?’ Blam! The meaning behind the name is what I’m most proud of. I struggled through some difficult times, and came out stronger. I want my brand to be known not only for its beauty and craftsmanship, but for all of the beautiful qualities that we as women possess.”


What type of woman do you envision wearing your creations?

“I target women who have a strong sense of who they are, and aren’t afraid to make a statement. They appreciate one-of-a-kind jewelry for its artistic merit, the story behind it, and the connection they have with the person who created it.”


What do you foresee in the future for your brand?

“I dream big! I envision so many levels of success for my business. [I would like] my own working studio-boutique where clients can shop, collaborate, and witness my design process in action. As my business and talents grow, I foresee being in more local fashion shows, and branching out nationally. My grander dreams include creating designs for artists such as Lady Gaga, and collaborating with a clothing designer who wants to incorporate my jewelry collection into his or her line.”



While we know that dreams can certainly come true, for the present Hathcock remains focused on the vision behind her brand and the woman each piece represents. “We each have a unique story,” the designer concludes. “We are mothers, wives, professionals, sisters to one another. We struggle, we heal, we teach. When you wear my jewelry, you wear my story, and I feel like it connects us to each other. We are each one-of-a-kind, and I try to reflect that in my designs.”


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