Model Behaviors: Mom Knows Best In Love & Life


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  Hello dear readers, and Happy (Almost) Mother's Day, For those of you who don’t know me, I like to call my mom by her superhero nickname: Ricki Ridiculous. Ricki, today’s column is dedicated to you. My mom is one of those people whom, even if you only met her once, you’d shake your head and chuckle softly to yourself. She’s a walking oxymoron, a true specimen of balance in opposition. Growing up, there wasn’t a prank that she didn’t fall for, an inside joke that she wasn’t outside of, and a not-so-subtle hint that she got. Yet, Ricki graduated at the top of her Police Academy class, figured out how to make a chemical explosion for my volcano science project, and could subtract a discount in less than two seconds flat. Another superpower of Ricki Ridiculous is that she is as polite as she is (sometimes) inappropriate, and so it should come as no surprise that her advice is also dynamically different.     “Don’t be afraid to be unique,” she encouraged me when I decided to shave my eyebrows like Vanilla Ice; “You’ll start a new trend,” she said, after sewing lace to the bottoms of my high-water jeans; “It’s a color that you’ll never tire of,” went her blessing on my first car, a teal blue Chevy Camaro. Get the idea? On one subject, however, her advice was always spot-on: relationships. In fact, I’ve been known to drop some Ricki relationship advice bombs on a deserving friend or reader from time to time. One, in particular, changed the course of my life forever. “If you don’t handle your relationship issues before you get married, you’ll be signing a contract for an as-is husband,” cautioned my wise mother. “Be sure about every contract that you sign, or don’t sign one at all.”     With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I cannot help but wonder about the choices that I might have made without her, and I’m so thankful for her pearls of wisdom. In honor of this weekend’s special day, I asked our Facebook friends for their own mothers’ best relationship advice. Here are some of my favorites:   “Dream big, dream often, and don’t let anyone get in the way of reaching your dream!” – Alan Hilsabeck, Jr. “Sometimes you don't need to say anything. Just duck, and let God hit them with the truth." – Erin Munger Faison “Never let go of the woman who loves you.” – Ryan Gipson “When things feel tough there is always something you can find to be grateful for.” – Erica Tracy-Schavey “Be nice to the short boys in middle school. They grow up to be the tall and handsome ones in high school.” – Laurie Graham “Nobody knows exactly what makes a marriage tick except the two people who are in it. Don't judge another relationship too swiftly or harshly.” – Lisa Petty "Never settle for less than what you deserve! You are worth every ounce of goodness in your life.” – Jeannie N. Perry “If you have a disagreement with your significant other, don't tell your mom. The two of you will soon make up, but your mom will never forget.” – Cherita Boyd Chadwell “Don't you ever let yourself go.” – Connie Akins Mullins “Always keep a secret stash.” – Machiko Harris “Never get lost in a relationship.” – Melanie M. King “Give away all of yourself. True purpose, fulfillment, and joy come from giving, not receiving.” – Debra Fredrick   With all of the beloved, outspoken, and dynamic moms out there, I’m curious to know what your mom had to say on this important subject. For this Mother’s Day post, take second to comment below. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you all for sharing, and don’t forget to give Mom an extra hug and kiss this weekend. Until Next Time, Toni   All photos courtesy of Toni Munoz-Hunt. Click here for more Model Behaviors!    

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