New Dallas Brand NeoBantu Plays To The Fashion-Forward Individualist

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Togetherness and singularity coexist in the spirit of Dallas-based fashion label, NeoBantu. Consider the brand’s signature phrase: “We are not all alike, and our clothes should allow us to express our individuality.”

This, along with many other African principles, forms the foundation for Dallas fashion’s newest kid on the block. NeoBantu is already turning heads after less than a year in operation – one exotic print at a time.



The name NeoBantu is also African-inspired, pairing neo (meaning “new”) with Bantu, a tribe located in South Africa. The Bantu culture thrives on the collective encouragement of its community, and most importantly, the support of individuality. The Bantu motto, “I am because we are,” is another motivation behind the colorful label. With this in mind, NeoBantu aims to bridge the gap between African culture and modern Dallas fashion.



Co-founder and Zimbabwe native, Tendai Tawonezvi, is no novice to fashion. Since the age of 12, she has experienced the ins and outs of custom-made clothing. From these roots, as well as several recent trips back home, blossomed her creativity for the NeoBantu brand. On her journeys of inspiration, Tendai immersed herself in local culture by meeting with top style bloggers and industry professionals who formed the source of her current collection’s beading, embroidery, patterns, and fabrics.



With sizes ranging from 4 – 16, this new collection is everything funky and sexy. NeoBantu sports a vast selection of high-waisted skirts, sleeveless jumpsuits, and capped sleeve cropped tops. Vivid and colorful prints play a huge part in the aesthetic as well, which is something Tendai recognizes may take some getting used to for some. While she acknowledges that mixing and matching prints with prints may be intimidating, her advice is simple. The designer directs, “Jump right in. After a while, it will all become natural. Just have fun with it.”

We couldn’t agree more. The NeoBantu woman is encouraged to view fashion as fun, and take a few risks along the way. Most of all, she is afforded a fresh medium through which to express her individuality. This new designer brand, splashed with bold and dramatic patterns, is a tribute to the South African way of life that all modern-day Dallas women can enjoy.


All images, courtesy of NeoBantu. Styling by Danielle Brown and photography by Chris Knight. For more information, visit


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