DFW Style Daily’s Spring Trend Cheat Sheet!

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Emerging from beneath our sweaters and umbrellas into the Texas sunshine, we are so ready to welcome Spring’s full swing. And, as luck would have it, we’ve been charting the season’s hottest trends since January.

Today, we present our handy-dandy Spring Trend Cheat Sheet. With our S/S 2014 Trending series right at your fingertips, warm weather wardrobe inspiration is but a click away.


DFW Style Daily’s Top 10 Trends for Spring 2014



1. Fashion’s Candy Crush

An array of sweet and saturated pastels tempt from designer runways.

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2. The Fringe Element

A counterculture staple takes a luxe turn this Spring.

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3. A Polarizing Pair Dares To Bare (Again)

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, crops and sheers steal the spotlight again.

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4. Pleats Come In

We explore a high fashion treatment for a signature schoolgirl look.

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5. The Long & Short Of It

Shorts go long and slacks make a comeback.

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6. Spring Spotlights Shine

This season, shine is alternately sensual and sporty.

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7. The Must-Have Accessory

Add this time-tested item to your jewelry box for spring!

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8. Game On For The Sport Sandal

The locker room staple is elevated to a refined level.

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9. Spring’s Refreshing Length

Dainty tea-length hemlines recall the Mad Men era.

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10. Print Addition

This spring, designers are finding prints charming.

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