Courtney Loves Dallas: Missing from Bravo’s New Programming Line-Up

  Bravo TV, a leading (and utterly addictive) network in reality television programming, took to the web on April 8 to announce both new and returning shows for the upcoming season. Boldly broadcasting a slate of 15 new and 16 returning programs, we were immediately concerned with whether or not local fashion blogger Courtney Kerr’s reality show, Courtney Loves Dallas, would make a second season return.  

  Earlier this year, the eight-episode run of Courtney Loves Dallas proved that, while the feeling was mutual here in Big D, the love fest might not have extended beyond the Lone Star State. Ratings numbers, as reported locally by Cynthia Smoot of Oh So Cynthia, failed to impress. Upon yesterday’s announcement, hopeful nonetheless, we scanned for indicators of Kerr’s return to the small screen. Sadly, Bravo failed to make any mention of Courtney Loves Dallas. Although we have yet to officially confirm the status of Kerr’s show, speculations of a possible cancellation are inherent. Newer programs, for example, including Thicker Than Water and Blood, Sweat and Heels have confirmed their second seasons. Unsurprisingly, the run of the mill Real Housewives series and spin-off shows Vanderpump Rules and Don’t Be Tardy are also scheduled to return. Bravo boasts online that the new and existing shows will create the “most diversified programming ever” for the highly viewed network.  

  Whether Kerr will view these recent announcements as a bummer or a blessing remains to be seen. We speculate that the bubbly and vivacious thirty-something will continue to expand her brand through ongoing collaborations with Bauble Bar, and connect with a daily television audience through her hosting duties on KTXD’s The Broadcast. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for the latest on Courtney Loves Dallas and will provide additional information as it is received.  

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