Neiman Marcus Downtown Dallas To Showcase Pratt Institute Exhibit

  The picture windows overlooking Main Street from the legendary Neiman Marcus downtown Dallas flagship are known to capture both the eye and the imagination. Consider us captivated, indeed, at the prospect of pairing this Big D retail jewel box with an innovative fashion exhibition straight from New York City.  

  The Pratt Institute, with campuses in Manhattan and Brooklyn, is a “living lab of craft and creativity.” There, students from around the world study design through multiple disciplines under an esteemed expert faculty. Of late, Pratt’s brightest young fashion minds have honed their focus on reimagining that most basic and comforting staple of the everyday wardrobe - knitwear.  

Claire McKinney (left) & Victoria Aguilar (right)

  In partnership with mannequin, lighting, furniture, and sculpture designer Ralph Pucci, Organic Matter: Woven Artwear by Pratt Fashion showcases the work of 27 student artists. Following a premier at Ralph Pucci International’s Gallery Nine in Manhattan earlier this year, the exhibition will be displayed in the windows at Neiman Marcus downtown beginning this Friday, April 4.  

Kiet Tran and Kimi Lee (left) & Lauren Nahigian (right)

  Among the young designers showcased through this unique project are two Texans, Meghan O’ Sullivan of Spring and Kate Sullivan of The Woodlands. Along with their fellow students, they created coats, tees, skirts, and more, that highlight unique and unexpected knit elements. Select works from Organic Matter: Woven Artwear by Pratt Fashion are featured herein.  

Moon Jung Chang (left) & Meghan O'Sullivan (right)

  For the full impact of this exhibition, however, we recommend a visit to Neiman Marcus at 1618 Main Street in downtown Dallas between April 4 and April 20. Windows can be viewed at all times.   Exhibition images courtesy of Goodman Media for Pratt Institute, credit Sam Stuart.    

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