Entertainment Guru Brandt Wood Craves Style With Substance

  He earned local icon status as the co-founder of legendary music and dining venues, and Brandt Wood recently made headlines again when he and his brother, Brady, launched Fort Worth’s Coyote Drive-In. This hot Texas entertainment guru remains loyal, however, to his New Orleans roots. Adhering to the “eclectic, edgy, yet timeless” aesthetic curated by the matriarchs in his family, Wood reveals an enduring obsession to DFW Style Daily. Read on to learn why history and craftsmanship are the key to his style.  

  The Obsession: Both sentimental and sartorial, Wood’s style staple is a one-of-a-kind, hand-embroidered scarf given to him by his maternal grandmother. The Confession: “It’s an heirloom, and has such a special significance because it belonged to my great-grandmother and grandmother before it was passed down to me,” the expert reflects on his highlighted item. “I try to break it out only for very special occasions!”  

  The Rationalization: “I have such an appreciation and nostalgia for the Gothic influence that contradicts the scarf’s lighthearted theme,” Wood continues. “The heavy fringe and tone give a very dark interpretation of the botanical motif.” The Collection: The remainder of Wood’s wardrobe shares common ground with his covetable scarf – exceptional craftsmanship. He explains, “I’m drawn to attention to detail and quirky elements that look like they were created by hand. That kind of work appeals to me, whether it’s a jacket or a bag or something very basic.”  

Shop It: While you may not be able to score this trendsetter’s favorite accessory, you can channel his signature aesthetic by hitting his go-to style source, Billy Reid. Wood rocks the label’s charcoal flannel blazer all winter long, as well as collecting cashmere goods (pictured above). Shop online or visit Billy Reid at 70 Highland Park Village.   Click here for more DFW Style Daily Obsession Confessions!   Headshot courtesy of Brandt Wood. Scarf images by Abby Gregory. Billy Reid product images via BillyReid.com.      

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