Dallas Student Photography Contest To Showcase ‘Retail As Art’

  Ever lingered before an alluring luxury window display? Eyed an interesting collage of found objects at a sidewalk sale? Wondered at the haunting pose of a well-dressed mannequin?  

1st Place 2013 – “Knot Royale” by Micheal McCallum, Cistercian

  The 6th Annual United Commercial Realty (UCR) ‘Retail As Art’ Photography Scholarship Contest is now accepting entries. Exploring the beauty in both exceptional and everyday retail settings, the competition is open to all Dallas-area public and private high school students. Entry is free, and scholarships will be awarded to five winners.  

3rd Place 2013 – “Time” by Anna Delapaz, Booker T. Washington

  Established in 2008, a showcase of the true essence of Dallas-Fort Worth retail and celebration of emerging artistic talent are at the heart of this competition. Says Mickey Ashmore, UCR President and CEO, “It is a blessing to be able to reach out to students and support their talent, challenge their creativity, enrich their retail and art education, and reward the top talent. It's such a pleasure to see the outstanding results, both in terms of the photographs produced and the benefits received by all involved." Past UCR ‘Retail As Art’ Photography Scholarship Contest winners are featured above. Entries for the 2014 competition will be accepted through Saturday, March 1, to be judged by a panel of local experts in the photography, fashion, and design fields. The Retail as Art program will culminate with a gallery-style Photography Exhibition and Awards Ceremony planned for 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on April 9 at 129Leslie. For contest guidelines and to download an entry packet, visit RetailAsArt.com. For final ceremony details, please visit our Event Calendar.  


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