New Boutique ‘Bohemian Like Me’ Brings Fashion To Free Spirits

  For Thais Schmidt, life experience is a muse. From travels abroad through Asia, India, and beyond, to a degree in psychology and performing arts, to her colorful life in Big D, this new entrepreneur draws from multiple creative springs to inspire her online boutique, Bohemian Like Me.  

  She claims to be an introvert, and her laid-back beauty seems to have slipped from a time capsule, but Thais Schmidt (pictured above) is turning heads in modern-day Dallas. Effortlessly, she combines eclectic styles with modern twists. In the brief period since its launch, Bohemian Like Me is catching the attention of our city’s fashion elite.  

  Who influences this stylish and well-traveled young woman?  Her aesthetic evokes a moment in time when youth came together to discuss world matters, assemble anti-war movements, and involve themselves in musical, artistic, and literary pursuits. Indeed, she sites various idols from that era, such as Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison and even Kate Hudson’s character, Penny Lane, from the film Almost Famous.  

  Celebs aside, however, Schmidt’s greatest influence was closer to home. “My mother’s fashion inspired me the most,” she explained to DFW Style Daily. “Growing up, she always dressed a little cooler than the rest of the moms. She grew up in the hippie days, and she’s kept that trend throughout the years, but evolving with the current times. She always wore various leather or gold bracelets wrapped up her arm, and she also wore beautiful big earrings. I have a habit of ‘borrowing’ my mother’s clothes and accessories!” Schmidt’s best friend in her birthplace of Brazil, Cris, also contributed to her style from a young age. She recalls Cris’ ever-braided hair and love of harem pants – dating back some 20 years ago. Between the two women, they lead this emerging trendsetter down the right fashion path.  

  Needless to say, for Schmidt, clothing tells a story. As the selected looks from Bohemian Like Me pictured here so effortlessly illustrate, her boutique aims to remind us all to be more carefree, to dare a little more, travel, love, and enjoy life. As she chased her dreams around the globe, she wants to inspire others to chase their own dreams through freedom of fashionable expression.  

  Spring 2014 will bring growth through new styles, jewelry, and accessories to Bohemian Like Me. To explore the current collection, visit As you shop, keep Thais Schmidt’s personal motto in mind: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Marcel Proust   All photography herein, credit Brad Linton. Featuring model Daniela Sevilla, with creative direction by Ani McKenzie.    

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