Dallas-Based Circ•Cell Applies Surprising Science To Skincare

  Blood serum? Microneedling? The pop culture vampire craze has acclimated us to many chilling turns of phrase, but these terms did not originate in Transylvania.  Hardly the stuff of horror, these words are actually on the cutting edge of beauty. Yes, beauty - the human kind, the fleeting kind, the kind that becomes tougher to maintain as time flies, for us mere mortals. Enter Circ•Cell Skincare. Headed by CEO Christopher Hausman, the Dallas-based company specializes in improving the skin through scientifically formulated products and procedures. Fronting the Circ Cell lineup is the brand’s signature ABO +|- Blood Serum, an at-home product with some serious science in its corner. The Advanced Infusion Therapy Facial, another high-tech offering from Circ•Cell, is where the aforementioned microneedling comes in. We experienced it for ourselves, in fact, and so remarkable was the process, we pressed on to learn more about Circ•Cell from Hausman himself. Touted by New Beauty Magazine, The Today Show, and People Style Watch, just to name a few, Circ•Cell has yet to become a household name here in Big D. Surely, it’s not because we’re afraid of a little needling? Read on for our exclusive – and surprising - Q&A with Chris Hausman.  

  DFW Style Daily: First of all, you are a somewhat unexpected entrepreneur in your area of expertise. So many skincare companies are headed by women. What initially attracted you to this field? Christopher Hausman: “Getting into skincare was actually a total fluke. I had just graduated from college, and had run out of money. I didn’t even have enough to pay to travel to my next interviews. Everyone knows SkinCeuticals as a skin care giant now, but at that time, I was hired to answer phones and pack boxes for five dollars an hour in a small Deep Ellum loft. Somehow I was lucky enough to be SkinCeuticals’ first employee, actually. “I quickly became passionate about the industry, because properly developed products really do improve the health and appearance of the skin. So, they truly help improve people’s lives.  It gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that the products I have brought to market help people not only look and feel better, but have healthier skin as well.”   Also unexpected, and perhaps a bit Gothic, is the name of Circ•Cell’s signature product: ABO +|- Blood Serum. Let’s set the record straight. Does the product contain any - dare we ask? – actual blood? “No. The product doesn’t contain any blood or blood products.”   So why the spooky name, Chris? “It certainly grabs one’s attention, doesn’t it? I think we are going to be hearing more and more about the function of blood in premature aging. Unbeknownst to most people, blood plays an extremely important role in skin’s appearance.  As we age, and our micro-vascular network starts to break down, key components of the skin don’t receive critical nutrients and oxygen. They also lose their ability to purge metabolic waste, all of which can erode the structural elements of the skin. ABO +|- Blood Serum uses oxygen-rich technologies to supplement some of these functions topically, and help counteract the resulting visible signs of aging.”  

  Moving on, how did your history in the skincare industry inform the development and strategy behind Circ•Cell Skincare? “Despite many advances in skincare research, throughout my career I have watched the continued proliferation of aggressive exfoliation technologies. While there is a time and place for exfoliation, time and time again I have seen women strip their skin past the point of no return. The result is a thin, prematurely-aged look. “When I first received a call from my partner, former Dallasite Maya Crothers, and we began forming the company’s marketing strategy, it was clear there was a void in the market that needed to be filled. There simply aren’t any brands focused on building up skin density and promoting a more balanced approach to skin care.”   We are intrigued by the Circ•Cell Skincare goal of “building skin up, not tearing it down.” Can you give us a little insight into this philosophy? “There are a few components of the skin – the mantle, the DNA and mitochondria, the connective tissue – that need to be healthy and protected for a radiant, glowing look. Aggressive exfoliation certainly has its benefits in skin care, but over-exfoliation destroys some of the very components needed to maintain healthy skin.   Every product we launch was designed to support one or more of these key components to help improve skin density. That’s the way we help our customers achieve beauty at Circ•Cell.”   Buzz surrounding your Dallas-based company has been building over the past couple of years, though the East and West Coasts have produced more press than Big D. In your expert opinion, is our city slower to adopt new beauty technology? “Yes, but with good reason. The Dallas skincare consumer is savvy. With hundreds of unproven new treatments and products launched every year, this consumer embraces only new technologies that are proven, effective, and safe – not just buzz.”   Speaking of new technology, we recently experienced Circ•Cell’s Advanced Infusion Therapy Facial. Another curious component, microchanneling via surgical-grade microneedles, is key to the treatment’s efficacy. Describe how microchanneling works, for us regular gals. “Microchanneling, or microneedling, is the principle of creating a gentle mechanical injury to the skin using hundreds of tiny surgical-grade needles. The body’s natural response to this type of ‘injury’ is a healing response, which can include the release of growth factors in the skin. The microchannels can also be infused with active topicals, and this is the advantage of Circ•Cell’s Transdermal Delivery System (utilized in the Advanced Infusion Therapy Facial). It simultaneously creates microchannels while infusing with powerful active ingredients.” Editor's Note: The Circ•Cell Skincare Advanced Infusion Therapy Facial is available in Dallas exclusively at Renew Beauty Med Spa at NorthPark Center.    For whom would you recommend the Advanced Infusion Therapy Facial? “The facial is ideal for anyone with sagging, prematurely wrinkled, dry, or pigmented skin. It really revitalizes and invigorates the skin, so it’s perfect pre-party or special event. Women are increasingly looking to achieve real results without the invasive, painful procedures of the past, and the newest technologies are finally making that possible.”  

  Expanding on the previous question, does the Circ•Cell Skincare line as a whole benefit certain demographic groups above others, or is it beneficial to all ages and skin types? “While some of our products were designed for specific needs, the line is ideal for any age group. I just spoke with a woman last week who loves our Geothermal Clay Cleanser, for example, and has her teenage daughter hooked on it as well.”   What do you think is the biggest or most common mistake women make in their skincare regimens? “Overdoing it - and not just with exfoliation, but with anything. Just because a little worked doesn’t mean a lot will net better results. Usually it’s the other way around.  And don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.”   Finally, when you’re not traveling or developing new Circ•Cell Skincare products (or sitting through interviews with nosy writers), what do you like to do in your spare time? “This is going to sound cliché, but I’m really just an aesthetic. It goes beyond the enjoyment of good food, wine, art, music, travel, and architecture. It’s about finding the beauty and sensuality in any experience. What else is there?”   All images via Circ•Cell Skincare. For more information, visit CircCell.com.    

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