Tory Burch To Relocate (For A Bit) In Highland Park Village

  A longtime favorite in Highland Park Village, the familiar gold logo of Tory Burch welcomes well-heeled shoppers to the luxury lifestyle brand’s boutique between Stella McCartney and Cole Haan (pictured below). On a recent trip to the shopping center, however, we spotted Tory Burch window wraps on the former Stephanie Anne jewelry location, neighboring St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange. Is a move in store? Expansion? Renovation?  

  Here’s the scoop on the curious development: “Tory Burch will temporarily relocate to the former Stephanie Anne/Kantis location in early February,” explained Rachel Michell, Senior Marketing Manager for Highland Park Village. “[The store] will move back to the original space, which will stay the same size. Tory Burch has around 1,600 square feet in its permanent location, which will be newly remodeled.”  

Expect the big reveal to come in late April or thereabouts. In the meantime, visit Tory Burch’s temporary digs on the southeastern corner of the Village, near Preston Road.      

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