Seamstress, Jeweler Top ‘Least Stressful Jobs In America’ List

  Kicking off this new year with the latest installment of a thought-provoking annual report, CareerCast recently released its 2014 list of the Least Stressful Jobs In America. Of interest to us, several fashion and style-related careers are represented in the top ten. But that is not to say they’re walk in the park.  

  Easily misinterpreted by title alone, the criteria evaluated of some 200 jobs in order to compile this list may come as a surprise. For example, growth potential in the job’s industry is key. CareerCast notes, “Dead end jobs tend to create more stress.” Environmental conditions were also considered, as working in the outdoors or under extreme conditions can also amp up stress. Another major factor is education – the more, the better. “Landing a less-stressful job often requires a higher level of education,” notes the site. And finally, loving your job also often equals a lower stress level.  

  With that point clarified, we’re pleased to report that Hairstylist, Jeweler, and Tailor/Seamstress, all made the cut (so to speak). They rank at two, three, and five respectively. Another design industry career, Multimedia Artist, came in at number nine. For the full story, click over to And on a final note, with disappointment we reveal that Reporter landed on the list of Most Stressful Jobs In America. Notes of sympathy may be submitted through our Contact Page.    

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