January 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day!



This coming Tuesday, January 14, marks a fashion holiday of a very special breed. Founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is a whimsical way to celebrate our beloved best friends.

To honor the occasion, we tapped Dallas trendsetters for four-legged fashion inspiration. Their (insanely adorable) photos are featured below, but first a word to the wise. “Have fun with your pets by dressing them in cute outfits and safe costumes, but keep your pet’s comfort level in mind,” notes Paige, an expert featured in pubs from The Los Angeles Times to OK! Magazine to The Wall Street Journal. “You may also want to include more treats and toys to make it a truly enjoyable experience!”

For more information, visit DressUpYourPetDay.com. And now, the aforementioned inspiration:



Sylvia Elzafon
Sylvia Elzafon Photography
Pet: Maddie

“This was taken on Halloween 2013, when my girl decided to dress as me for the day!”



Les Christianson
Top Dallas Hair Stylist
Pet: Gia

“This is Gia in her faux Burberry sweater, knowing that she is better than you.”



Toni Muñoz-Hunt
Founder, ModelBehaviors.com & DFW Style Daily Contributor
Pets: Kidd & Gizzy

“Gizzy is our snuggle girl. She likes to be in our arms at night, and boss the boys around during the day. Kidd is a more chill, happy-go-lucky type of guy. In his spare time, he enjoys sunning and performing tricks for treats. In this photo, Kidd and Gizzy are wearing their favorite Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader and football player costumes.”



Abby Gregory
DFW Style Daily Contributor
Pets: Pinky & Charlie

“Pinky donned her tutu and Charlie channeled his inner doggie devil for a Halloween bash at Barking Hound Village.”



Sharon Stone
Stylist & Vintage Specialist, Ditto Boutique
Pet: GabbySue

“Here, GabbySue is chilling in her tracksuit during the recent Dallas ice storm, thinking deep thoughts.”



Quoc “QC” Cong
XO Photography
Pet: MooShu

“He’s saying, ‘Polar Vortex ready, boss!’”



Andrea Isom
Co-Founder, Front Door Fashion
Pets: Ted & Cooper

“Ted and Cooper have this freezing winter weather licked in their puffy coats!”



Amber LaFrance
Founder & Executive Publicist, CultureHype
Pet: Ziggy Stardust

“Ziggy is not really one for clothes, however he made an exception to inspire others for National Dress Up Your Pet Day.”



Steve Kemble
America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru
Pet: Jack

“This is the look I get from Jack, my West Highland Terrier, when I have to take him to the vet. He’s thinking to himself, ‘I heard you talking about the vet earlier, and now you ask me if I want to go for a car ride?!’”



Mark Brinkerhoff
Director of Brand Communications, Moroch
Pet: Billie

“We fostered Billie, a Pit Bull mix, then adopted her from The Abandoned Ones rescue group in Fort Worth. When we first met Billie, she was malnourished and timid, but with the heart of a lioness. She has been a joy and a delight ever since, a pretty little princess.”