Angela Davidson Talks Fashion, Basketball & Branding

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I have learned that our greatest examples stem from ourselves in both our success and our failures.” – Angela Davidson



There’s a lot more to modeling than meets the eye. And there’s a heck of a lot more to the models themselves than just fit figures and fierce struts. Welcome to Face Time. DFW Style Daily’s exclusive series gets personal with the stars of top Dallas runways and glossies.

Following an award-winning career in professional basketball, today’s Face Time beauty splits her time between modeling and heading her companies, Universal Basketball Solutions and AD Group Management & Consulting. Angela Davidson boasts beauty, brains, and heart. Indeed, her foundation, House of Heroes, provides thousands of scholarship dollars to Dallas-area youth. Read on for her insights on fashion, business, and much more.

Name: Angela Davidson
Hometown: Leesville, Louisiana
Agency: Page 713
Notable Clients: Macy’s, Academy Sports & Outdoors, Aftershock London, Bob’s Steak & Chophouse, Josette Couture, Papparahzzi Couture, Tootsies



DFW Style Daily: At what age did you begin modeling? Tell us about your first job. 

Angela Davidson: “I began modeling formally at 29. I was sought out by Ebony, among other notable agencies, as an adolescent, but with a ‘tom boy’ mentality at the time, I decided that modeling was not for me.

“My first job was as a presenter at the Lone Star EMMY Awards. I had no idea what to expect. I made sure I was early to my call time, and then we were told to prepare for make-up. Let’s just say that either I was so nervous and ‘missed the memo,’ or I was just dumbfounded that the time had come to apply my make-up independently. I had no clue how to do it! Once I got through that test, I was dressed in a wonderful ‘Cowgirl Chic’ garment. However, the boots in my box did not fit! It couldn’t have been any more difficult than a basketball game with some opposing shots taken at me, but I was tough and made it work. At midnight that night, I completed my first job with a different attitude about not only the physical, but equally so the mental aspect of modeling.”


What do you think is the biggest misconception about the modeling industry? 

“I can truly speak from both sides of the spectrum, as a late bloomer and observer of a younger sister who paved the way for me as a dedicated, hard-working talent now establishing her acting career in Los Angeles. I believe the biggest misconception about modeling is that it is simple, requires no physical training, and can only be for striking women that are both silent and skinny. Modeling is studying, mastery, evolution, consistency, versatility, and so much more. I am discovering, with time, that these requirements equate directly to sport.”


Speaking of your background as a professional athlete, how did that experience inform your current work in the fashion industry? How is your perspective different from other models?

“My background as a professional basketball player has been paramount in preparation for my current work in print, television, commercial, and runway modeling. I am fairly certain that my perspective is different from other models, in that my reality of the industry is my own because I came by it through my own experiences. Through my own eyes, I take on every project, task, show, or event, as I would approach ‘work outs’ as a professional athlete. They are an opportunity to execute my skill set with a mindset of tenacity, confidence, and endurance. Further, I don’t just want to be seen, but I also want to be heard. Whether I am able to do so via the opportunity to verbally speak, or to speak through my body language, I want to leave a lasting impression of positivity on my audience.”


You are also a sought-after consultant. Describe what you bring to the table on behalf of your clients and associates.

“I bring a ‘Maverick’ mentality to the table. Because the term ‘consultant’ can indicate a vast array of occupational descriptions, I consider myself an ‘ambassador consultant.’ This means that I not only consult on behalf of my clients, but I also co-brand and cross-market with all my clients. This [strategy] also allows me to assist and influence what most perceive as competitors. In a nutshell, when I am asked by art and marketing directors to [define what I do], I offer that I exponentially impact the platforms of both intellectual and athletic talents.”



From your perspective, is personal branding equally important for both corporate professionals and those in the public spotlight (athletes, models, entertainers)?

“Yes, personal branding is equally important for both. It is quite simple: If you want to be respected and recognized for your hard work, to be rewarded and compensated, you must be willing to maintain a standard. You must make an investment in yourself in order for someone else to do the same.”


Do you have a personal role model?

“I am more of a free spirit when it comes to role models. I know of too many women and men, too numerous to list, who are inspirational – authors, Fortune 500 CEO’s, and everyday people who took the time to be great. I have learned that our greatest examples stem from ourselves in both our success and our failures.”


All photos, courtesy of Angela Davidson.


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