Amazing Antique Gems Coming to Dallas Vintage Clothing & Jewelry Show

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Returning November 22 and 23, the Dallas Vintage Clothing & Jewelry Show brings two days of prime pre-holiday shopping to the Addison Conference & Theatre Centre. Following our announcement of this upcoming shoppers’ paradise, we previewed vendor Ken Weber’s wares last week. The Vintage Martini owner has quite a tempting selection planned, and he’s just one of dozens of specialists from around the country who will be setting up shop at the show.

Today, we’ll continue to gild the lily with more insider vendor info. Jewelry fans, this one’s for you. Pamela Krampf of Rochester, Michigan is making the trip to Texas with some incredible antique, vintage, and contemporary jewels in tow.



Krampf, founder of Antiques and Fine Jewelry by Pamela, has some 30 years of experience in the business. Also a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, her glittering specialty is the culmination of a passion handed down through the generations. In fact, the gift of a pearl and opal-encrusted Victorian watch from her grandmother was start of her lifelong love. Now, Krampf and husband Todd Ulrich offer fine jewelry spanning multiple vintage eras, plus unique accessories of crystal, sterling, ivory, and more.



“I endeavor to bring unique, high-quality antiquities from all over the world,” explains Krampf. “I work with five associate buyers as well, who each specialize in their own categories to bring diversity to my customers. [I hope] that with each visit my customer makes, they will find pleasure and enjoyment.”



A sneak peek at Pamela Krampf and Todd Ulrich’s selection is pictured here, ideal for holiday gifting. The Dallas Vintage Clothing & Jewelry Show takes place Friday, November 22 and Saturday, November 23 at the Addison Conference & Theatre Centre at 15650 Addison Road. Admission is $10. Please visit our Events Calendar or for details. We’ll see you there!




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