Don’t Sweat It: Fall Fabrics For Fickle Texas Forecasts

  Texas is known for quite a few controversial topics (Rick Perry, barbecue techniques, etc.) but the weather might be the most contentious of them all. To be perfectly honest, the climate in our state can be downright maddening. Texas refuses to follow normal seasonal changes, and our forecasts are famously finicky. What’s a fashion fan to do? As we ready for the annual slow draw of fall – Will it be 75° tomorrow or will we have a freeze? - our closets need to be prepared. But there’s no need for panic, or bearing through a sweaty day in a bungled, bundled outfit. We made a quick trip to NorthPark Center to scope luxe seasonal fabrics in styles to suit any fickle fall day in Texas.       Cashmere The ultimate in luxurious fabrics, we all need at least a little cashmere in our lives. The strong wool fibers used to produce this knit are incredible insulators, so sometimes less is actually more. We love Splendid’s perforated cashmere cardigan. Its built-in air conditioning vents make it perfect for surviving chilly mornings followed by warmer afternoons.   Cashmere Drape Cardigan, Splendid ($298)           Faux Leather Sometimes leather is just way too heavy. Sorry, cowboys, but nobody likes what happens when sweat collides with your favorite fabric on a hot day. Going faux comfortably lightens the situation. These skinny "leather-like" pants by 7 For All Mankind  have a cool crackle finish and are just as durable and fashionable as the real deal.   The Seamed Skinny, 7 For All Mankind ($198)           Velvet Velvet often conjures images of figure skaters or bad '80s outfits, but don't write-off of this sensual fabric completely. It was first worn by Egyptian and Arab nobles, after all. For this Texas fall, you’ll feel like royalty in Nordstrom’s velvet capelet. Layer over short or long sleeves, depending on the weather.   Velvet Cape, Nordstrom ($70)             Merino Wool Lastly, let’s all learn the term "Merino" this fall. This soft, ultra-fine wool often translates to coveted coats and thick sweaters, but they are just too warm for everyday Texas wear. Try a lovely and light Merino top or tee instead, like this sweet, collared choice from Ann Taylor.   Italian Merino Wool Sweater, Ann Taylor ($79)           All photos courtesy of individual retailers.    

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