Let’s Relax With Elegance Expert Bernard Underwood

  Designing events, showrooms, homes, and fashion-forward retail spaces coast-to-coast, Texas native Bernard Underwood is in the inspiration business. Through his company An Intimate Place, this sought-after expert focuses on the luxury market through interiors, clothing, and visual presentation. All reflect the clever craftsmanship and aesthetic innovation instilled in Underwood by his mother. Honoring her legacy and love of design, he launched his company in 2012, soon boasting a roster of high-profile clients including Salvatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Club Monaco, and Hotel ZaZa. Entering year three, Underwood continues to expand An Intimate Place, finding new ways to channel his mother’s immeasurable influence. All the while, his famous attention to detail and signature eclecticism have given rise to an enchanting obsession. Read on to learn how he takes a moment to enjoy the sweet smell of success.     The Obsession: Bernard Underwood maintains his glow with an addiction to lavish, richly scented candles. The Confession: “The best way I can relax after long days of designing is by lighting a candle in every room of my home and turning on soothing jazz,” he explains. “Like magic, I've created my own intimate place.”       The Rationalization: “A candle is about more than setting the mood, because a flame shining brightly in darkness represents the light that leads you through the night and guides you, even in the blackest moments,” Underwood so elegantly explains. “I see it not as a candle but as a compass.”  

  The Collection: The entrepreneur is currently lighting up his own creations, including the B.U. Sexy and Billie candle collections. He notes that his upcoming B.U. Sexy candles convey the “scent of a man, but capture the air of a woman.” Billie, crafted in memory of his mother, is “beautiful, strong, and sleek.”  

  Shop It: Underwood’s luxe candles launch later this year. Visit AnIntimatePlace.com for the latest news. In the meantime, turn to local artisans like Lewisville-based Dallas Soy Candles for delicious fragrances including Pumpkin Soufflé and Bayberry.   Images feature interiors designed by Bernard Underwood, An Intimate Place. Click here for more Obsession Confessions!      

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