Laurie Bing Dishes On Wild Shoots & Model Myths


“I have a tattoo that reads ‘Beauty Lies Within’ to remind myself of what’s important.” – Laurie Bing


  DFW Style Daily's exclusive series Face Time gets personal with top Dallas models. We’ve taken a very risky trip to the country with Cameron Phan, and relived with Carlotta Lennox the unparalleled experience of Yves Saint Laurent sketching his haute couture collection from her very form. Today, Laurie Bing, who boasts top-tier clients including Condé Nast Traveler and Rimmel London, takes the Face Time plunge. In fact, an underwater shoot is on her personal wish list. Read on for Laurie’s insightful Q&A. Click here for more Face Time model interviews!   Name: Laurie Bing Hometown: Burleson, Texas Agency: Kim Dawson Agency Notable Clients: Abercrombie & Fitch, Neiman Marcus, Allure Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Rimmel London  

  DFW Style Daily: At what age did you begin modeling? Tell us about your first job. Laurie Bing: “I started modeling at age 14. I believe my very first job was a photo shoot with Dillard’s, photographed by Simon Lopez. It was me and three other girls, and I was the ‘homecoming queen’ for the shoot. I thought that was really cool. I never wore much makeup, so getting beautified by professionals was so special and exciting. I was so nervous, and I remember the photographer telling me over and over to keep my chin down.”   What do you think is the biggest misconception about the modeling industry? “I’m sure most people believe we are all stuck-up, unintelligent, and, of course, have an eating disorder. I know, for myself personally and for several others, it’s more about being healthy, not skinny. Although I have met models all over the spectrum, I believe some of the most brilliant, successful, and kindhearted people I know are models.”   What is the craziest thing you have done on a job? “I feel like I have done most everything on a job, from mountain biking, to shooting in heavy furs and winter jackets in 110-degree weather, to shooting while battling food poisoning, to dancing on a rooftop at night for the perfect shot. I even did a photo shoot with birds resting on my shoulders, and did I mention that birds are my biggest fear? Crazy, I know! However, I think the craziest photo shoot was one in which I had to lay in the sand by the ocean where the waves hit, while jellyfish were coming ashore around me with every wave. Yikes! But, I’m always down for an adventure.”  

  What are your "deal breakers" when it comes to job requirements? “As long as I’m comfortable and it’s done tastefully, I’m fine. …And no lady bits are showing!”   What is your dream assignment? “I would love to be in a music video or do an underwater shoot.”   Do you have any personal role models? What have you learned from their example? “My parents! My dad taught me a good work ethic, along with responsibility and discipline. My beautiful mother taught me patience, and to be kind and respectful to everyone. Most of all, my parents always emphasized the importance of inner beauty. I started modeling at such a young age, and they didn't want me to ever doubt myself or to have a negative body image. So, when I turned 18, I got my tattoo that reads ‘Beauty Lies Within’ to remind myself of what’s important.”   How would you describe your personal style? Do you have any favorite Dallas-area shopping spots? “I have a very eclectic style, which means a very large wardrobe. I like to find pieces from all over, but a few of my favorite stores are LF, Buffalo Exchange, and Dolly Python.”  

  What did you have for dinner last night? “I cooked a delicious meal of roasted chicken and veggies. The way I cook it, It’s way more tasty than it sounds.”   If you had a free afternoon or evening in Dallas, how would you spend it? “I definitely spend any free time with loved ones, whether it be family, friends, or my man. And you can be sure it would involve good food and great wine!”   All photos courtesy of Laurie Bing.    

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