New Line ‘Noble Elizabeth’ Has Deep Dallas Roots

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Some designers create their lines around a single source of inspiration. Others craft items to correspond with current trends. Adrienne Sparkman Hall does not fall into either category. Coming from an affluent family with deep roots firmly planted in Dallas, Hall debuted her capsule collection this Wednesday, October 9th, in true high society style.



Hall (pictured below) was born in Dallas and grew up in Athens, Texas, about 80 miles southeast of the Metroplex. She earned her degree in fashion design in 2007 from the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design. Thereafter, deciding that she would only be successful with a more extensive understanding of how to market her brand, Hall enrolled at Wade College and later graduated with a marketing degree.



Following her Wade graduation, Hall worked on her first collection for a year. Entitled Noble Elizabeth, the line was named after both of the designer’s grandmothers, inspired by their sense of sophistication, ladylike style, and deep Texas heritage. The Aldredge House, a beautiful historic mansion on Swiss Avenue in Lakewood, served as the perfect setting for Hall’s premier. As guests began to arrive, the opulent venue helped transport the scene to a grand time in years past.



Models descended a staircase from the home’s second floor promptly after a small introduction by the designer at 7:00 p.m. They made their way to the main chamber, and posed on light boxes for three scenes. Guests were encouraged to approach the live mannequins and inspect the garments, ask questions, and take photos.



The clothing showcased mixed prints and nods to more luxurious fabrics through touches of leather and silk. Dresses possessed a slightly vintage feel, while remaining absolutely ready-to-wear. A stunning, gold tweed wrap blouse was a crowd favorite. Jewelry provided by Bohem Unique Gems and vintage glasses, gloves, and bags loaned from Etsy dealer Allie Mora brought the looks full circle.



With her first collection fully developed, expect to see Hall marketing her brand heavily while working to make a name for herself in the local fashion scene. Dallas is in her blood, after all.



All photos, credit Heather Lettieri for DFW Style Daily.




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