ShopSeptember Mixes Fast Fashion, Designer Discoveries In Snider Plaza


ShopSeptember is new in Snider Plaza, already sending Dallas fashion fans buzzing.


  After a successful year of selling exclusively online, owner Laura Curler Petter opened the doors to her brick-and-mortar in August to an anxious, loyal fan base. Hailing from Los Angeles, Petter (pictured below) is a recent Dallas transplant. As the saying goes, she got here as soon as she could. And why the name ShopSeptember? Well, September is the month for fashion, after all, packed with New York Fashion Week and all the glossies’ big fall issues.  

  Petter’s concept comprises two different shopping environments in a single location. In the Showroom section at the front of the store, shoppers can fall in love with new designers and brands. A few steps beyond, the Street section includes trendy, of-the-moment items at lower price points.  

Through this smart strategy, Petter is able to offer something for everyone - not just another new store, but a shop in which to share and discover. The entrepreneur comes by her ability to cater to varying tastes naturally. She explains, “I'm the youngest of four girls, and have always loved offering styling advice to my older sisters. Whether they like it or not!” Reorders every day bring a flow of new shipments, a must to keep up with ShopSeptember’s fast-paced selling. Each month, Petter also features new designer discoveries. She promotes the picks with a 15% discount, and they often include wares that no other store in Big D has to offer. This month, for example, brings clothing by Boundary and jewelry designer Marida.  

Also front-of-mind for Petter is this season’s elevated grunge look. A plaid vest thrown over your LBD, or an over-sized men's button up tied around your waist are easy takes on the trend. Her favorite accessories right now include rings galore - midi rings (smaller rings worn between the joints on your fingers), pinky rings, and multi-finger rings. Something tells us we’ll be seeing these looks throughout Dallas very soon. Visit ShopSeptember at 6606 Snider Plaza in Dallas, or at     All images courtesy of Lara Curler Petter, ShopSeptember.    

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