Best Dressed 2013: Elliot Muñoz

  Featuring 13 trendsetting Texans, DFW Style Daily’s Best Dressed 2013 were revealed to a sold-out crowd at Galleria Dallas on September 26th. Click here for the full list of honorees and exclusive behind-the-scenes photo shoot videos!  

  Elliott Muñoz Dallas, Texas Founder & Photographer, Elliot Muñoz Photography Wardrobe by Zara, Galleria Dallas Photography by Sylvia Elzafon With special thanks to The Second Floor Restaurant & Little Katana  

  DFW Style Daily: How would you describe your personal style? Elliot Muñoz: “Everyday casual and evening bow tie chic. Some of my friends and I have a group nickname. We would often get all dressed up in hats and bow ties from my friend’s hat shop, The House of MacGregor. We would head out on the town for cocktails, and we became known as the Bowtie Mafia.” Name a person who helped to shape your style perspective. “My grandfather always taught me the way a ‘proper man’ should dress. I feel that I threw in a little of my own ‘freestyle’ in the mix.” Do you have any wardrobe items passed down from previous generations? “Just memories and good habits. I have my Grandfather Vincent and my Uncle Ruben to thank for them.” Let’s head back in time for a moment. Do you remember a favorite ‘first day of school’ outfit? “In college, I always wore a blazer with a tee shirt on Fridays, keeping it a little classy, but casual as well.”  

  What was the first item of clothing you remember purchasing for yourself? “In high school, I remember buying all my clothes for the first time in 10th grade. Some of those items included Z. Cavaricci pants and Zodiac brand shoes.” What items in your closet do you reach for time and again? “I reach for one of my four favorite blazers, and I can’t forget my House of MacGregor pocket squares!” Do you follow any hard-and-fast wardrobe rules? “I feel that it’s usually better to overdress rather than under dress. However, as long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll wear it well.”  

  Did you ever follow a passing trend that, in retrospect, you might reconsider? “Yes, in high school - that explains the Z Cavaricci pants and Zodiac brand shoes! And yes, I’d reconsider!” How did you feel when you learned you had been named one of Galleria Dallas and DFW Style Daily’s Best Dressed 2013?  “I felt honored, and I know many other people who should be a part of this more so than me.” What aspect of this program is most significant to you?  “Most importantly, it’s for a great cause. Secondly, I love fashion and good party!”  

Click here to view an exclusive video featuring Elliott Muñoz’s Galleria Dallas photo shoot!


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